Review of the Year 2012: September

Review of the Year - September

For the last few years September has basically been about one thing for me: Eurogamer Expo. It’s a rare chance to not only see a lot of exciting games in one place, but also to hang out with some of my best friends who I don’t see nearly as often as I’d like to. This year was no exception, and much like last year I got to meet some amazing people, have a camera pointed at my by an incredibly patient Peter, and organise some podcasts with far too many people. Sadly only a single podcast survived this year, with the second, far crazier podcast falling foul of technical issues. It’s a real shame as well, because it really was absolutely amazing.

If you missed what we got up to at this year’s expo then you can catch up over here. For a quick taste, we’ve got interviews with the people behind games like Tomb Raider and Abe’s Oddysee, as well as preview of titles like DmC and Lost Planet 3. Of course, if you were glued to our coverage of the show then you can probably skip looking back over it.


Obviously it wasn’t all videos and previews, with a few bits of news coming out of the show. For example Kojima noted twenty-five years of Metal Gear by saying that he’d like it to continue for another twenty-five years, which is as long term of a goal as I’ve ever seen in gaming. The show also held the news that the HD remake of Abe’s Oddysee was being given the subtitle New n’ Tasty, as well as the first showing of gameplay from the new version.

[drop]There were other things going on in the gaming world though, such as Bayonetta 2 being announced as a Wii U exclusive; the announcement of the Mass Effect trilogy, along with the fact that it would bring the original Mass Effect to PS3 for the first time; and the rebranding of all Gamestation stores to GAME in attempt to keep the formerly bankrupt business going. In stranger news Microsoft announced that you could now get rewards for your Gamerscore. You do need a reasonably high Gamerscore of 10,000 before you start earning monetary rewards, and even then it’s only 1% cashback on XBLA purchases, but you’re still essentially earning money for playing games.

Flipping from Microsoft to Nintendo, September saw some of the Wii U launch details arrive. On the 13th they held a Nintendo Direct press conference where they confirmed the launch date and pricing for the US market.

Whilst Nintendo were talking about the Wii U, Sony announced and launched another iteration of the PS3. Although some models of the new Super Slim wouldn’t arrive until October, the 500GB did arrive in the EU in late September. Alex was fairly impressed by the new version of Sony’s machine when he looked at it, praising its overall aesthetics. However, he did feel that the top loading drive felt flimsier than the earlier slot loaders.

Release wise, some of the bigger titles started to arrive, with Borderlands 2, LittleBigPlanet Vita and FIFA 13 hitting shelves, while digital stores got games like Jet Set Radio HD, Tokyo Jungle and timed XBLA exclusive Joe Danger: The Movie. Although many were angered by Joe Danger’s XBLA only release, Hello Games quickly confirmed that the game would be getting a PSN release with ten extra hours of content. Now that’s how you keep your fans happy.

That just about wraps up what happened in September. While there was plenty going on, we weren’t quite yet at the release deluge that was to come.