Review of The Year 2012: August

August was a big month for global events. A summer of sport continued with the London 2012 Olympics which were providing a lot of entertainment for billions of people, and showcasing great feats. In world news Julian Assange had been granted asylum by the Ecuadorian embassy, and the Syrian conflict was entering a deadlier period with the breaking of a truce.

August was also a huge month for gaming. Gamescom set up home in Cologone, Germany once again, though both Nintendo and Microsoft decided to not be present. This left Sony an opportunity to go into more details about products revealed at E3 in June, and to announce some new titles, which included Wonderbook titles Diggs Nightcrawler and Walking With Dinosaurs. There were also the announcements of Puppeteer, Tearaway and Killzone: Mercenary.The other major announcement at Gamescom came courtesy of Capcom and the game Remember Me.


After Gamescom Peter wrote a piece on how Sony was leaving this generation behind with style commenting that is is “Sony who are finishing the home console generation strong.” He pointed out how Sony was still focusing on new ideas in both games and peripherals, which would have a bearing on the next generation.

Alex also wrote an article on how Sony’s Gamescom conference was very well done. He even straight up said in the article’s title that we do not need the next generation of consoles yet due to how many interesting projects are coming from Sony’s various studios, especially the push by Sony’s bigger studios to create games for the Vita.

However, we’re not on the next generation yet and this generation has seen plenty of game releases. August was no different in that regard, with some big titles hitting retailers’ shelves. Darksiders II was one such release, and Blair gave it a 7/10 in his review of the game, cautioning fans of the original to not “expect to be blown away by level design or narrative.”

[drop2]Sleeping Dogs was another major release of August. The rebranded True Crime: Hong Kong game was rewarded an 8/10 by Peter, who praised the game for the fluid combat system and the setting as “entertaining and interesting,” though he did concede that it wasn’t the most challenging of titles.

Other major releases of August 2012 included Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and the much anticipated next entry in the Counter-Strike franchise with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which introduced a few old school mechanics to newer FPS fans, such as no regenerating health and no aim assist.

There were other pieces of news not related to Gamescom as well. Kratos’ violent return in God of War: Ascension was dated for a March 15th 2013 release in the UK. On that same day Lewis gave us his own spin of God Of War in Abridged Too Far, focusing on Ghost Of Sparta. A Metal Gear Solid movie was also confirmed at the MGS 25th Anniversary, which will have Marvel Studio’s founder Avi Arad involved.

News also broke that Studio Liverpool was closing down, and there was even more bad news when Bethesda said that they weren’t sure if they could bring Dawnguard to PS3. Well, PS3 owners are still waiting for any sign of Skyrim  DLC, but hopefully that’ll be resolved soon.

August was a pretty eventful month, but the real marketing pushes and previews wouldn’t start hitting until September, although you’ll have to read about that another day.



  1. Sleeping Dogs and Korean flags….ooh!
    Seriously though Sleeping Dogs was the Jewel in August’s crown, an unexpected cracker!

  2. Counter Strike – as far as im aware that is yet to be released here?

    • it’s out everywhere except the PAL PSN. 360 and PC owners in the UK have been able to get it, as have PSN users everywhere else in the world.

  3. I like how CS: GO “introduced” new mechanics, such as the removal of two mechanics! ;o)

  4. Wasn’t Rain also announced alongside Puppeteer? Easily my most anticipated PSN title of 2013 and probably in my top 10 for the year.

    • yes, it was and it does look really interesting.

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