Review of the Year 2012: March

Each month that we’ve covered so far this year seems to have its own videogame stapleJanuary has always been the month of few releases, February was the month of the PlayStation Vita and March was the month of what many would consider to be the best game in years – Journey.

While February did have a lot of games, many of which released alongside the Vita, none of them quite compared to the incredible Journey, which did more in two or three hours than any of the previously released titles could have done with all their playtimes combined. Indeed, it proved that gaming wasn’t all about lengthy adventures, and that budget downloadable titles could be considered amongst some of the retail big-hitters. It currently sits at a 92 on Metacritic (thanks to one poor review) and Alex gave it the highest praise, scoring it 10/10 in his review.


Mass Effect 3 was another big release in March and caused quite a stir when every single living cell in the entire Universe exaggerated about just how bad the ending was. People sent the game back, shouted at BioWare through their social media channels and swore to never trust anyone but themselves with anything ever again.

Really, it wasn’t that bad – the writing did take a turn for the worse towards the end, a lot of questions weren’t answered and many of your choices were ignored, but the entire game beforehand was a brilliant action RPG with some excellent moments. I stand by my 9/10 review (Mass Effect 2 was still better) and the Metacritic scores reflect this too, with a 93 on PS3.

Other notable retail releases in March included Street Fighter X Tekken, Unit 13, FIFA Street, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. While the downloadable market – clearly overshadowed by Journey – for this month included titles such as I Am Alive, Shoot Many Robots, Rayman 3 HD and Sine Mora.

Another big release in March, though not in the gaming world but in streaming video, was the first Kony 2012 video from the charity Invisible Children. They proposed that the war criminal Joseph Kony had to be tracked down and caught by making him famous and plastering him everywhere. The campaign was quickly forgotten, however, after news spread that this charity had poorly described the situation and the director of the video and founder of Invisible Children had a temporary breakdown, spawning another popular video.

Back on TheSixthAxis, GAME continued to struggle and temporarily stopped stocking EA titles, including Mass Effect 3 and FIFA Street, leaving everyone uncertain if the company would manage to pull through. We know that they’re fine now but they did go into administration back in March although, after closing certain stores and suspending reward cards, they managed to pull themselves out of it by the end of the month.

Peter Molyneux also left Lionhead Studios to pursue new projects, the first of which – Curiosity – is out now. There was also the usual dose of rumours, release dates and announcements of announcements across the internet, none of which seemed particularly interesting.

Oh, and a new iPad was announced, just to be replaced by a newer model sixth months later.



  1. Might pick up journey to see what the fuss is about controlling a blanket lol after all it’s bundled with unfinished swan for £9 for plus members.

    Mass effect 3 game play was better than 2, mass effect 2 story & overall was better that’s my opinion on it…

    Oh and walking dead first episode free on iPhone if anyone cares

    • Journey is phenomenal but there’ll always be people who won’t enjoy it. You kind of have to work out if you’re one of those. Fingers crossed you finish it and think “mother of all creatures great and small” as oppose to “pile o’ shite”. ;-)

      • I will give it a go but from the videos & read about it, it looks & sounds like a lazy game with no plot nor point to it

      • Ah, you might want to hold off from buying it! :-p

      • I was in the same boat as Taylor Made when it initially released. Took the plunge to buy it and very glad I did. My personal GOTY. Fantastic stuff.

  2. After three seperate attempts I still cannot see the appeal of Journey. Then again I’m also the guy who hates Half Life, Zelda, Oblivion and isn’t particularly wowed by the Metal Gear Solid or Halo series so perhaps I just don’t like “good” games, lol.
    Even worse, I actually really enjoyed Operation Raccoon City (after the AI patch of course).

    • Dude whoa whoa I understand the rest of the games you listed but MGS you ain’t gotta like it but you gotta be wowed. You like splinter cell don’t you?

      • The only thing that has ever wowed me with the MGS series is how people can buy games that have more cutscenes than gameplay ;)
        Lol, nah I’m kidding, its undoubtably an impressive series, just not one for me. To be fair I did actually quite enjoy MGS 1 and 2 but have struggled to get into the later releases.

        Oh, and I really don’t like Splinter Cell (particularly the newer ones) :P

      • I’ve never bothered with Half Life, Zelda, Halo or MGS (the latter until now!) Feel like I’ve missed out on really good games!

    • Careful with your reply, Davey. Friendships are about to be terminated! :-P

    • I also enjoyed orc Davey.

  3. apt that you chose the word “project” for Curiosity and not game.

    and the ending to mass effect was bloody awful.
    clearly written by somebody other than the writer/s of the rest of the series, who had a different idea of where the series was heading than it was going to originally.
    it was terrible, worse even than the Lost ending, at least that had some degree of resolution for the characters even if it left 99% of the questions the series raised unanswered.

    the most insulting thing was that when you were given the final choice at the end, nothing you’d done up till that point made a blind bit of difference, you still got the same two choices, at least i think it was two, i’m sure i was never given the synthesis ending when i played without the dlc.
    with minor differences, which basically amounted to see more if you got a higher score.
    when i played the normandy door was about to open and it stopped.
    though, maybe everything after that point, which i saw on youtube, was also from the dlc.

    so yes, it was as bad as people said.

    that said, trying to sue them over it is just ridiculous.
    and you don’t demand they change it because you didn’t like it, somebody else created this work, and if that’s what they wanted it to be that’s up to them, hate it all you like, but don’t expect it to be changed to suit you.
    i hated it as much as anybody, but i respect the creator has the right to determine what they create.

    just think of it as a learning experience, just adjust your expectations of what to expect from that creator in future.

    the game itself was bloody good, but for many people, myself included, the story was the main reason we were playing it.

    also, i downloaded the full game trial off psn and tried a bit of the multiplayer, and it wasn’t actually bad.

    and i can honestly say i don’t think the problems with the single player game had anything to do with them including a multiplayer element.

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