PSN Store Update: 16/01/13 – The One With Retro City Rampage

This week sees the release of Retro City Rampage for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in Europe. It’s priced at £8.99, but there’s also a trial if you’re still not convinced that the retro take on Grand Theft Auto (and taking in pretty much every major game along the way) is for you.

Also available this week is DmC: Devil May Cry (for £49.99), Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on the PlayStation Vita (for £34.99), the Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC for Borderlands 2 and some DLC for Far Cry 3. Remember there’s the 2014 Corvette Stingray Final Prototype DLC for Gran Turismo 5, too, which is currently free to download.


Earth Defense Force sounds pretty good on the Vita, with online multiplayer for up to four players, in both co-op and versus modes, and for single players there’s a pack of new levels, so if you’ve played the game before there’s a few incentives to pick it up again. It’s not exactly bargain priced, though.

Orgarhythm should also make it out today on PS Vita. It’s the rhythm strategy game from XSEED. Sumioni: Demon Arts, also from XSEED, is out today on Vita. The games are £11.99 and £7.99 respectively.

We’ll update this post with any other releases today, and will be back with the full lists sometime around 3pm, as usual.



  1. EDF 2017 is not going to sell well at £34.99. Regardless of how good the game is it’s still a 5 year old port of what was a budget release. I got MGS HD on the Vita for £20 when it was released so this doesn’t seem like value. I would have liked a physical release as I don’t buy these ‘bigger’ games digitally and neither do a lot of others so digital only releases like this will hurt sales

    • I’m definitey picking up EDF, the Xbox game was good fun, and the short, sharp missions are perfect for handheld.

      I probably wouldn’t pay £35 for it if there weren’t so few games around right now, but there’s not much competition and I gernerally get my PSN credit for less than retail, so it’s not so bad.

    • Im adding it to this post so people see it jet set radio is free on playstation plus for vita owners

  2. Getting EDF for sure, jones_81 if anyone wants to add me for co op

  3. Probably just the GT5 DLC for me…..unless that was the DLC released a few weeks back that can now only just be viewed?

    Not that fussed about Retro City Rampage, although I will try the demo and see. I have lots of current gen games to be working through without playing something that looks 15 years old, no doubt it’ll be popular with a lot of people though, especially on Vita.

  4. £8.99 for Retro City Rampage is a great deal ontop of the fact that it is cross-buy. I will be picking up that.

  5. Borderlands2 dlc tempts.
    R.C.Rampage… Ah I see, i’d prev seen the word rampage @6ax & thought it was a remake of an old 8-bit game, where u climbed up & smashed buildings etc. Loved it, but as is often the case, replaying it now, would only tarnish the fond memories. Will check the trial out.

    • Yeh I thought that too. I’m sure TSA posted something about that game a while back too.
      Very confused.

      • Correct. Unfortunately I didn’t take the time to read the article.

        (store running alot faster & smoother since update.
        An A-Z scroll bar for avatar section would be nice.)

    • Retro City Rampage is a kind of 8-bit version of the top down GTA games, and the mini games/missions are kind of 8-bit versions of other games/genres so platforming, puzzle & Hang-On like driving.

      There’s tons more to do in the main top down game than in the old GTA games though, it’s almost like EA’s Autolog with high scores & times for everything like speed runs, or kill x amount of people as fast as you can etc & etc

      The dev has done a great, if lengthy vid detailing some of the stuff

  6. Was hoping EDF2017 would be more like £15. £35 is a bit much for a old port.

  7. Just the GT5 DLC for me, and maybe give the Retro City Rampage trail a go.

  8. Really want to play that EDF but no Vita for me.

    Make sure you all get RCR, it’s awesome.

  9. Was looking forward to EDF, but 35 quid is just ridiculous, especially considering it’s only $40 in the US (35 quid is over $56, 40% more).

  10. Thinking of gettinr RCR but I’ve heard it’s extremely frustrating and pretty difficult, anyone know if this is true?. Currently giving up smoking so need to avoid rage inducing games for a while

    • Definitely avoid fps, they induce rage at the best of times.
      GTA helped me through it… Very therapeutic

      • Yeah I’m definately gonna be avoiding COD online for a while to prevent an airborne dualshock or punching my own stupid nicotine addicted face in frustration

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