All New God Of War Single Player Demo Next Month

Following on from last night’s single player teaser, Santa Monica have announced that there’ll be a brand new playable demo of God Of War: Ascension in February. The demo, which will be single player only, is not the same as the Total Recall-exclusive demo that you may have already seen.

In fact, it’s apparently “something you’ve never seen before” and is being described as “the big one” over at SCEA. Hopefully it’ll live up to the hype.


There’s no specific date given for the demo, but the multiplayer beta is all but done so it makes sense that Sony are now focusing on the main campaign. The teaser looked great, but playing the game for yourself is always infinitely more interesting.

Ascension is set six months after Kratos first realises he was tricked by Ares into murdering his wife and daughter, and acts as a prequel to the series. It’s the first game in the series to feature multiplayer, and will come with full stereoscopic 3D as an option.

The demo has only been confirmed for the US, hopefully it’ll also appear here in Europe.



  1. Pre-ordered the Collectors Edition today. It seems all the hype has me excited. What a whore I am.

    Hoping for the sextuple set of GoW Platinums…

    • Ditto on the platinums although only just got GOW3.

  2. Sweet.

  3. Gonna certainly play this in 3D what with all the usual gigantic scenes n mythical monsters flying round the screen.

    • Is this supposedly 3D compatible as I know 3 isn’t or do you mean using simulated 3D.

      • It says in the article, it comes supporting Stereoscopic 3D. I’m looking forward to seeing the Blades of Chaos fly about in 3D.

      • Lol so it does! Think my eyes must be painted on today :D

  4. I think I’m skipping this demo in fear of spoiling anything.

  5. Not really interested in the game! God Of War 3 looked fantastic but I found to be such a pain at times, Will pick it up when it drops in price.

    I think sony may be showing people too much of the game first a Multiplayer beta, Then the exclusive demo released with Total Recall!(Which I still have the code for if anyone wants it?).

    • yes please?

    • OMG, I want that demo!
      I couldn’t buy that Total Recall with the GoW demo (Europe)
      So please!!! I’m from Holland and also join me on PS3. I can help you with getting throphies if you want it?


  6. really looking forward to this game SP demo would be great.

  7. I played an excellent single player demo at the Gadet Show Live in London, I wonder if this is it or a different one. There was a couple points I got stuck and a few others did too. Looks to be fun though!

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