HMV Gift Cards Will Be Accepted Again From Tomorrow

HMV’s administrators, Deloitte, have said that they’ll honour gift cards again in stores. Starting tomorrow (Tues 22nd), you’ll be able to take any unused gift cards you might still have and spend them as normal. This news comes after reports that there are many interested parties taking a closer look at HMV with a view to buying up some or all of the beleaguered business.

It’s thought that interested parties might include Hillco, a restructuring specialist who are favoured by many of the movie and music publishers and distributors who deal with HMV.

We suggested that the administrators might begin accepting gift cards again when we took a look at your options last week so hopefully you all kept hold of them rather than throwing them away. The move to start honouring the form of credit again is a good sign that things are looking up for HMV but it’s probably best that you all nip down and spend any unused cards soon, just in case.

Keep in mind that spending them now also means you’re likely to get a bit of a bargain, given the ongoing sale.

Source: BBC



  1. Thank you TSA. You have all been very helpful over the last week regarding news on HMV’s status.

    I can finally spend my £150 HMV vouchers :)

    • Run run as fast as you can! :D

    • Yay!
      Some decent Blu-ray deals at the moment, if you do a bit of digging through the racks. I was hoping to find the odd forgotten collector’s edition going cheap too but I didn’t have any luck at my local HMV.

  2. Nice to see HMV might still be hanging around after all.

  3. Sadly doesn’t apply to Ireland though, where HMV is remaining shut.

    • That’s a shame, i was hoping the Irish stores would be included but it’s just like what happened with Game.

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