PSN Store Update: 23/01/13

Today’s European PlayStation Network Store Update is a good one for anyone looking for full, meaty gaming experiences that represent great value for money. Yes, that sounds like the nasty verbose nonsense you get in a PRESS RELEASE but it’s true, there’s some great games out today.

First up is The Cave, a game that Teflon took a good look at recently and came away with positive vibes – we’re playing through the full game just now and it’s a good one. It’s a tenner, but there’s a trial and unlock so you can give it a go for free first. That’s on PS3, by the way.


Also on PS3 is Demon’s Souls, the rock hard adventure-em-up. It’s only £16, too, which is a bit of a bargain. If you’ve played the second game but not the first this is a nice way to get into the series, it’s a little different but still well worth picking up.

Zombie Driver HD also hits PS3 today, that’s £8, and the Dust 514 Beta lands too. Keep an eye out for the ‘classic’ shooter Mad Dog McCree, the 1990’s arcade laserdisk game, if you like your action cheesy (and a bit low-resolution).

PS Vita owners should definitely pick up the free Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed demo. It’s fantastic on Vita, with some really clean visuals (some bits actually look better than they do on the Wii U, especially on the Afterburner stage) and the same excellent gameplay as the big console versions. Doodle God, the top selling iPhone game, also lands on Vita for £4.79.

A new arrival on PSN is something called Mix Superstar. “Think you can be the next big music star?” it says. “Well now you’ve got all the tools right at your fingertips with Mix Superstar. Create, mix and record your own royalty-free musical masterpieces right on your PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. There are over 1,000 Dance, Hip Hop and Rock loops included across multiple instruments like Drum, Bass, Synth, Guitar and even voice tracks.”

There’s a shop in there for DLC too, with 20 packs of music loops to buy. The base package is £8, but there’s a free demo too.

Dead or Alive 5 fans will no doubt be delighted to see there’s a “hotties” swimwear DLC pack. It’s a tenner. Yeah. There’s also DLC for Angry Birds Trilogy, the Dead Space 3 demo (which is obviously free) and the Metal Gear Rising demo (again, free).

We’re expecting more to be confirmed in the next few hours, we’ll update this post as and when those games come through.



  1. There will be lots of DOA5 goodies, a new free to download location and new costumes, not free, with a high skinfactor. Also DOA5 got patched today to 1.3, with loads of good improvements.

  2. Some nice stuff for a chance – Dead Space 3, MG Rising and Sonic AS Racing demos, and I’ll probably buy The Cave.

    I tried that Dust beta a while back, that was 4 minutes I’ll never get back.

  3. DS3 and MGR demos. Might try out the Sonic game on Vita after your recommendation.

  4. Fingers crossed for a little more than a demo and an iPhone game for the Vita, I’m nearly done with my first playthrough of EDF Portable…

  5. Really hope Sumioni and Orgarythm will be available to more countries with this update.

  6. The interface looks a 90’s poptastic, but will give the Mix Superstar demo a go. Home made racket ftw!

    • *looks a bit

    • I shall be checking that out. If its half as good as codies music than colour me interested.

      • Man I loved that “Game” (I use the term loosely). Really opened my brain to music production when I was a kid. That and eJay.

      • I still cant believe its taken this long to make any kind of music software on PS3. You would have thought the PS3 would be perfect for it.

      • Same as spent hours upon hours making up my on riffs on Codies Music 2000. I have been waiting so long for something Like Music 2000 to come out. Defo picking up Mix Superstar.

        I wonder if they will bring Mix Superstar to the vita, that would be unbeliveably brilliant.

  7. The Revengenace demo took a couple of plays to grow on me but now I love it.
    Sadly the DS3 demo was complete arse. Good gameplay (its Dead Space after all) but not a single hint of atmosphere.

    • duh!!!
      ” its in space dummy so there will be no atmosphere!”
      *thanks I’m available for wedding,funerals birthday parties and bar mitzvah ‘s*

      • It’s pretty much not in space any more so it’s lost atmosphere by gaining atmosphere, oh and a sidekick.

        EA, Ruining IPs one sequel at a time.

        I reckon EA should use that for their tagline.

      • ;) lol, smart arse.

        The one thing that DS3 gets right is the weapon crafting. Incredibly deep system.

  8. I don’t know why people would spend time and money on these mix/dj/”look it looks like a sequencer but it’s nothing like it” kind of apps. Did anyone check out imagininstruments? It’s a disgrace in this time and age. I hope they are helping kids get into producing music, because they are totally worthless otherwise. I understand it’s not fair to compare ps3/vita to iOS but look at nanostudio for crying out loud. I don’t think it should be too hard to come up with a nice sequencer for the Vita, with sampler and synth support and it’s a pretty sick portable rig for fun. Oh look, it has a mic AND a touch screen too! There were some nice sequencers for the psp though, homebrew of course.

  9. Don’t forget there’s the Skyrim DLC this week with 50% off and 38% off the Dark Souls DLC to celebrate the digital release of Demon’s Souls.

    • And Final Fantasy sale. Should also be the second free PSM game as well.

  10. I must have another read of Tef’s preview of The Cave, screens look lovely. Other than that i’ll just pick up the demos this week.

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