Dust 514 Public Beta Is Live

This is just a reminder to you that the Dust 514 public beta has gone live today, with the date being announced last week. To reinforce this event, CCP Interactive have posted on the PlayStation Blog to give more details regarding the game and the beta release.

Dust 514 is the PS3 exclusive MMOFPS that ties in with the EVE Online universe, allowing for players between the two games to work together to have an effect on the linked universe.


I played the beta a few months ago and personally felt that it was a bit clunky and hard to navigate, needing quite a bit of work before it could be seen as a viable, and successful game. The aim of the project is ambitious and interesting, so I do hope that since that time CCP Interactive have managed to fix some of those bugs.

You can grab the download from here.



  1. Good news for those who fancy trying it out. Personally, based on the beta a month ago, if nothing has changed much….then don’t bother. I agree it was clunky, didn’t work correctly and you just end up not knowing what is going on most of the time.

  2. Anyone tried this public beta yet? I need a new game to play ’til Tombraider, The Last Of Us or the new GTA’s released… or possibly Beyond but I haven’t even looked or read about that yet.
    Never been so bored in my David with the selection of games out at the moment.

  3. It seems overly complicated, aint nobody got time for dat

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