Introducing TSA’s Black Ops II League

We love our competitions and tournaments at TSA and we know you do too. This time round we’re taking a break from the racing genre and instead are diving into the biggest FPS game about: Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Twenty competitors will be randomly assigned to five teams of four and each week four of these teams will face each other across a variety of game modes and maps keeping everyone on their feet! The game mode and map for the week will be announced a week in advance so that everyone has equal chance to practice.

The tournament will be organised in the form of a league, with the team with the most points at the end winning the tournament. Points are dished out as they are in football: three points awarded for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a loss. If at the end of the five weeks there is a tie for first the two top teams will fight it out in one last winner-takes-all battle.

NB: If members of a team cannot attend a meeting, the disadvantaged team can still play if they wish. However, with a week to play your game over this hopefully won’t be an issue!

How To Enter

The maximum number of entrants allowed is twenty, with places given out on a first come first served basis. Once entered you will be randomly placed into a team, with final teams announced once sign-ups have closed. The deadline for entry is Sunday the 10th of February.

As people will have various work and family commitments, finding a time when the games can be played is very important. Therefore we’re suggesting three time slots for the games to take place. When you enter using the submit form, simply select all of the time slots you are available and add any more you would be free for (e.g. “any time Saturday”) in the comment box. This way we can try and match people into teams with similar choices of time, although it will be hard to accommodate absolutely everyone and some co-operation between your team members will be needed.

The three suggested time slots are:

  • Saturdays at 6pm
  • Sundays at 7pm
  • Mondays at 8pm

However, these are only suggested slots, and if both teams can agree a more suitable time between themselves for a match then that’s perfectly acceptable.

TSAN Tournament Coverage

Once again the call is going out for you lot to get involved with coverage of the tournament, although this time around we’re toning things down a little. We’ll only ask for one match’s participants to record their match, although players in the second match of each week are more than entitled to record their own videos which will probably turn up the weekly result articles.

With a new type of tournament comes a new type of commentator, and we shall be going “MLG style” as I (James Kirk) will be joined by my good American friend Devin Cusick. Dev is just as excited for this tournament to get under way as I am, and we’re hoping to provide you with good coverage once again.

Headsets are always welcome and chat lobbies will be set up for everyone anyway. So all that’s left is to wish everyone who enters the best of luck in the coming weeks!

TSA Black Ops II League
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  • Saturdays at 6pm
  • Sundays at 7pm
  • Mondays at 8pm
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This is a community run tournament put together by DeathinFlamez.



  1. Entered. This is very well set up guys, and it should be a blast.

    By the way, whoever gets me on their team, you are one lucky mofo.

    • Btw will there be a specific ruleset? Such as banned perks, no scorestreaks etc?

  2. I entered to.

  3. I wish I was good at COD I’m the worst cod player. I would go but the game now to join.

  4. I wish I had my ps3 at uni now! Cant believe im going to miss out on this. Ah well, i really need to pass my final year!

  5. Due to inconsistencies with my performances in Blops 2 winning 19 for 2 one minute losing 18 for 20 the next bit of a Rambo style run gunner see :D I don’t believe ill be entering myself for this although I would enjoy it either way I don’t want to let the lads in the team down ;)

    • Enter anyway, It’s all just a bit of fun :). You dont have to be the best at the game, some of us were really bad in the F1 tournys but still had fun.

  6. Gah, PlayStation only.

  7. I might as well do this, been playing a lot recently :)

  8. I’ve entered it, probably best to either have no rules and allow everyone to pick anything, or take a few suggestions and see what is popular? At the end of the day it’s going to be recorded anyway so if someone is hiding in a corner with a shotgun we can all have a laugh about it.

  9. I just entered playing a lot of cod recently so should be in good form :)

  10. Good point well raised. Just to clarify there will be no restrictions. All scorestreaks allowed and all perks allowed :)

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