First Official Trailer for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Released

The first footage from The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct didn’t look all that great. Of course, that wasn’t an official trailer as we soon found out but a fan edit of different preview videos of the game.

Now, I’ve checked over this three or four times and this new trailer is definitely official – it shows the zombie-riddled world that we know from the TV show and characters Daryl and Merle Dixon, who are the main focus of the game.


It’s better than that first video but the game still doesn’t look like it’ll amount to anything special, though the exploration of the brothers’ relationship could provide some great backstory for fans of the show. I highly doubt it’ll be as well received as the other Walking Dead game.

The game’s out in the UK on the 29th of March and if you pre-order it from GAME or GameStop in Ireland on PS3 or Xbox 360, you’ll receive the Walking Herd Survival Pack add-on, which brings with it a new game mode – with endless herds of zombies, naturally – and extra weapons for use in the story mode.

Source: YouTube, via Eurogamer



  1. looks awful :/

  2. Hmm, lots of pre-rendered stuff, very little shots of the walkers, not looking good when we see them…but not in a good way.

    • I think there’s about 3 seconds of gameplay if that. All cut scenes.

  3. IDK, I think it looks like it’ll be fun, but I thought even that other trailer made it look like it would be fun. Maybe its that I’m not blinded by the shinny pixels some people think a video game needs to be considered good.
    Personally it’ll be refreshing to play a zombie survival game that’s a zombie survival game and doesn’t turn into battling some 3 story mutant zombie or a 3rd person cover based shooter, or a click and point adventurer which I consider boring.
    As soon as this drops in price I’m going in, which judging by how much web bashing this game has been getting should be soon. Besides I’d rather pimp the ol’ trophy count playing a bad zombie game then Hanna Montana any day.

    • Dead island?

      Dead island riptide?

      • Those may appear as zombie survival, but they’re not really survival games. They add different zombie classes to create a different combat scenarios. Dead Island is more about fighting than survival, plus you need to kill to level up. I’m looking for a more classic Romero experience.

    • Good point about the zombies just being zombies and not having any resi evil style mega bosses. I just want shuffling, arm swinging, daft zombies for once.

    • I’m with you. I thought the original trailer looked amazing bar the obviously early stage the graphics were in. I really don’t know why people thought it looked that bad.

  4. Looks like a ps2 game!

  5. Still looks pretty awful tbh.

  6. a youtube walkthrough will be enough for me i think.

  7. If it is on sale for £15 I’d probably get this but it doesn’t look that great. I’ve just read all of the comics and started the TV show and iPad game so I’d love a good FPS/Survival Walking Dead game.

  8. My survival instinct is telling me not to buy this game…

  9. I’m not sure what “the walking dead” fans this is actually aimed at?

    It looks dreadful!

  10. The game looks pretty crap, but it isn’t of PS2 quality. Its just not up to next gen scratch.

    I have no idea what this game actually is. Is it an FPS, survival horror, interactive story, I mean what?

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