Rayman Legends Will Get An Exclusive Wii U Demo Soon

Rayman Legends was cruelly ripped from its scheduled release date this month by publisher Ubisoft at the very last minute. The shock press release landed on Thursday afternoon causing considerable upset with fans, some of whom had bought a Wii U eager to play it. Whilst the game was apparently done and finished, Ubisoft have delayed the Wii U exclusive until September.

And removed the exclusivity, too. The game will now also appear on PS3 and Xbox 360.


Quite why the Wii U version now has to be put back 8 months is anyone’s guess, although it could be due to the way Microsoft won’t allow games to be released on the Xbox 360 after being released on a rival format if nothing has changed with the 360 version. This means Ubisoft are best placed to just release the same game simultaneously in September.

Regardless, Ubisoft now think that releasing another playable demo will be enough to keep angered Wii U owners happy.” We understand your frustration and that you want to get your hands on the game,” they said, via Facebook. “We are working with the development team to provide you with a new, exclusive demo for the Wii U soon. Stay tuned for more.”

Rayman Legends was originally due at the Wii U’s launch.



  1. yeah, that’ll be ample recompense for denying them the chance to buy the game for 8 months… NOT.

    people will be annoyed by any delay, but i think, some, people would understand if it was for developmental reasons, but this, this is just about money.

    i don’t know if ms policy would be the sole reason either.

    my thinking is, they don’t want it to look like the game’s 8 months old as it launches on the other consoles.
    i mean, a port released a long time after the original format rarely gets the same respect games released simultaneously do.

    if a good game finally gets ported to another machine, there’s gonna be interest, but it won’t match the original launch.

    from a business point of view, i can see why they’d do this, but from a gamers point of view, i think i’d be inclined to say “screw this game” and buy something else.

    • Mass effect 2 on the ps3 says hi.

      • ok, add “usually” at the applicable place. ^_^

  2. At least the wii u stil get some sort of rayman exclusive before other platforms ;)

  3. I genuinely don’t know anyone in the real world who has a wii u. But I know lots with a wii. And lots with 360 or ps3. Most wii owners I know have never even heard of the wii u. Has it totally bombed?

  4. Buyers remorse is setting in with my Wii U now. Not stopped playing on my PS3 now I have a HMZ T2 (Better than sex hooked up to Gran Turismo with the GT wheel)

  5. Too little too late I’d say. Anyone with an ounce of nous won’t be appeased by an “exclusive” demo released just for the Wii U.
    That’s like Jim Bowen from the old “Bullseye quizshow” saying to the losing contestants after chucking their darts like discus throwers “Here’s what you could have won” before the Caravan or Speedboat gets wheeled out!
    “Mooooooooooo!!!” :P

    • Also I wasn’t sure whether the title sub heading was referring to “backtracking” or “backstabbing” or other.
      No matter, either will suffice lol :P

  6. As with lewis above I’m kid of getting buyers remorse. At 1st I was playing Wii U nonstop. But now I’m only playing it at the weekend just to please the kids. Also we’re mainly playing Wii sport resort. I really only got 1 for Rayman Legends. So I’m really pee’d off with Ubi.

  7. Wow a demo!

  8. “Rayman Legends was cruelly ripped from its scheduled release date this month by publisher Ubisoft at the very last minute. The shock press release….”

    Honestly, it sounds like a baby has been kidnapped. “Cruelly ripped from…” haha! :-)

  9. i’ve been giving it a little thought, the demo might actually be worse than nothing.

    i mean, what if you like the demo?
    you know you’ve got to wait the better part of a year to play the actual game.

    it’s like “this is what we’ve got sitting on a hard drive somewhere, but you can’t play it”. ^_^

    • 2/3rds of a year.

      • that’s still the better part of a year in my book.

        the better part of, means more than half doesn’t it?


    …….actually scrap that, will purchase full game on ps3 when it’s in the online bargain bin.


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