Rambo Game To Feature Original Movie Dialogue

Looking to produce the “finest Rambo video game ever made”,  Reef Entertainment will be using original audio reels from the acclaimed film trilogy for its latest title.

Working in collaboration with Studiocanal, Reef was able to acquire voice recordings from action stars Sylvester Stallone and the late Richard Crenna. Along with additional voicework, including “rage-screams and exclamations”, the publisher is capitalising on this original material, attempting to make the game feel as authentic as possible.


Without seeing the game in action, we’re unable to talk specifics though Reef is promising an adrenaline-pumping romp through the 80s film trilogy. From the look of the screenshots above, it will adopt a first person perspective, though whether this gels with the game’s stealth focus remains to be seen.

Rambo: The Video Game is due to launch later this year on Xbox 360, PlayStation and Windows.




  1. They can get away with making it a FPS as Rambo has a tendecy to shoot everyone and everything. But i do hope they will focus on stealth as i would love to stalk enemies, Rambo style. I do hope that they will not include regenerating health or objective markers as it would make it seem a bit generic.

    Who are the publishers by the way?

    • Developed by Treyon (Heavy Fire: Afghanistan)
      Published by Reef Entertainment.

  2. This game is out in 2 months and this is the first time i’m hearing about it.

  3. If this has the “to win a war, you have to survive war” quote it might just be my favourite game ever

  4. Treyon like Treyarch but with a wig on.

  5. “To feature original movie dialogue”, that can not be to many lines. But I have to admit that I am intrigued. It also makes me think of C64 games, can’t remember if there was rambo game on the C64. A cross-over between far cry and cod.

  6. Old fart time here:

    C64 had 2 Rambo games, 1st Blood Part II, a Commando-esq affair with outstanding Martin Gallway music, it was quite a simple game, shooting down the enemy chopper was a mutha though….then you had Rambo 3.

    Best ever Rambo game i’ve played though is Rambo 3 on Mega Drive, hell, just do an HD remake of that, bung it up on PSN/XBLA and jobs done.

  7. movie samples?
    that’s a guarantee of quality right there. o_O

    seriously though, they can’t screw up a Rambo game can they?
    even gearbox could manage a Rambo game, right?

  8. If they’ve got Stallone to do the sound samples, then they’ll need to provide subtitles as well. Adriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan :D

  9. Is this open world or on a rail fps?

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