New God Of War Video Goes All Out With The 300 References

We’ve been playing through God Of War: Ascension for the last week or so now, and our review will land tomorrow. Until then, note how Sony have – with a limited degree of subtlety – aped the rather raucous (and enjoyable, let’s admit) 300 film with this latest trailer.


Yes! That’s the Persian pit. Yes! He does kick someone down it. Yes! He looks like King Leonidas. And, yes, the video says THIS IS SPARTA! in big letters. Even that silly beard is there.

They’re not holding back – this is a Gamestop exclusive bit of content (assuming you’re in the US): buy it from them and you’ll get to pretend you’re Gerard Butler and be even more angry than Kratos himself. In multiplayer, of course.

All eyes on tomorrow.



  1. This looks stunning!

  2. Can’t wait for next week, I’m pumped up for this. I hope amazon deliver my console bundle on time! Hope we get this here in eu

  3. I bet Gerard wouldn’t like being called Gerald though :P

  4. there was a 300 game wasn’t there?
    was it any good?

    • It was on PSP. And it was an entertaining, if samey, 3rd person brawler. That’s probably all you need to know.

      • maybe i’ll pick it up if i see it cheap somewhere.

  5. to be fair.after playing both single player and m/player demos, personally i feel that poor old kratos is getting a bit tired now..
    its essentially the same as gow 3 but with new monsters..
    and Zeus only knows why they added multiplayer..
    still no doubt i will grab it when it goes bargain bin..

  6. As it’s a licensed IP surely they are not references but, erm, things. You know, actual things from the movie because they’re allowed to make them things because they bought the rights to use actual stuff.

    Sorry i havent had much sleep.

  7. Iam trying to find the standard edition of this (controller and game) but cant find it anyway, anyone seen it?

  8. Reviews appearing tomorrow? Damn, that’s at least a whole week of avoiding the coverage before my copy arrives, maybe I better just unplug the internet.

  9. This. Is. Absurd.

    Love it. If I do get Ascension it will be late, so I probably won’t bother to get this as I’m sure it’ll be available at a cost later. Funny though. I played the demo yesterday too, a lot of fun.

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