Mystery Assassin’s Creed Image Leaks “Rising Phoenix”

We don’t know what this is. Ubisoft has declined to comment – as is usual for projects that a publisher isn’t ready to talk about yet – and there’s really not much to go on. But I love anything to do with Assassin’s Creed and I adore the mythology behind it. Historical settings, global conspiracies, shady corporations and a hint of sci-fi? Count me in. So let’s speculate wildly about what this could be.

Assassin's Creed: Rising Phoenix


This image has surfaced. I say “surfaced” because it cropped up on AllGamesBeta, who never say anything about the images they dump online. So we don’t have any provenance for it, other than that it was posted by a site that regularly finds early screenshots and artwork and never reveals their sources.

It looks right though. That title logo seems perfect and the barely visible background image looks like a suitably industrial facility. The logos on the back wall are Erudito marks, that’s the secret collective who oppose Abstergo. You might know them from in-game emails that Desmond reads.

The image is marked with Ubisoft Digital Arts, who made the Assassin’s Creed: Lineage live action web series in 2009. That has prompted some to speculate that this might be linked with the movie that’s currently in production, with Michael Fassbender attached, but I personally think that’s reaching a bit. Ubisoft Digital Arts did some work on Predators in 2010 but have been quiet since then so either they’re working on something big and secret or they’re not working on one specific project at all.

It’s about time we saw a new iOS/mobile game based on the franchise. The really-quite-good Assassin’s Creed Recollection was released in 2011 and tied to the Ezio branch of AC so perhaps something tied to the more recent Kenway branch would be plausible? I’d expect iPad screenshots if that were the case though, and this image is the wrong ratio for that.

One other possibility is that there’s surely going to be another Vita game to tie in with the release later this year of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The previous Vita game, Liberation, used Abstergo’s Project Legacy and Animus console as a basis for getting you in touch with historical characters without the need for a modern-day ancestor. Is Rising Phoenix the Vita-based Erudite response to that piece of Abstergo propaganda?

Whatever it might be, I’m already starting to get excited about the prospect of more Assassin’s Creed in my life.



  1. I hope it is another Vita game and Liberation did really well considering the amount of Vitas in the wild.

  2. Really hope it’s a Vita game. I enjoyed Liberation a lot more than AC III and we need to see the Vita release window a bit more full.

  3. My first thought was Vita, which would be cool. I just hope they don’t churn out too many AC games. I can imagine franchise fatigue kicking in pretty soon if they keep their curent release schedules up.

  4. I too would be glad if it was a Vita game. Fingers crossed.

  5. [AC3 Spoilers]
    The phoenix symbolises being reborn, so perhaps something to do with Desmond? Or maybe it’s the world and humanity that is being reborn under Juno’s enslavement? The ending to AC3 left so many questions, hopefully this will answer them.

  6. Really, really getting sick of this shit.

    • What are you sick of, fella?

      • I think he means he’s getting sick of leaks that draw publicity because he assumes this was something orchestrated by a marketing team (it almost certainly wasn’t).

    • You shouldn’t be. The AC games always deliver, even if ACIII was dissapointing to me, it was still good. A break for a few years would be good though.

      • Just read CB’s reply. May have jumped the gun if you actually meant about leaks.

  7. How can you want MORE AC!? :p Personally I find them dull, but it’s always interesting to speculate about future releases!

    • I think I could skip a year or two of playing them but I love the backstory and the mythology behind it so I’d still like to read about them ;)

  8. I’m guessing its an attempt to catch the leak.

  9. Not another AC game. If it’s for the Vita, fair enough but if it’s for the consoles and PC, Ubi really do need to stop milking i mean releasing AC games one or twice a year. Hmm, i wonder if it’s a erm… i can’t finish this sentence as it will result in spoilers. :-/ But if you played AC3, you may guess where i was about to head with that.

    Hmm, i wonder if it’s a film or a series of animated episodes of a short show that they plan to produce?

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