What We Played #95: Life of Pixel, Tomb Raider, Halo 4

The one where four play five threes.

What We Played

Challenging me this week for predictable gaming monotony is everyone’s favourite man-bear Tuffcub. I’ve only played Mass Effect 3, while our own TC has stuck to Killzone 3 which he reckons he’s “quite good at”, despite being “hopelessly awful at every other FPS”.

The “super cute but quite tricky retro platformer” Life Of Pixel has been helping keep Alex entertained, mostly due to its “lovely Spectrum levels” I suspect.  He’s been finding out what its like to be reborn in Tomb Raider, played most of the “really good” The Silent Age and finished off God of War: Ascension.

Dan chips in with a recommendation to help you avoid disappointment:

I played a lot of Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2. As someone who enjoyed the original I went into this game with high hopes and it has not disappointed. If you’re someone who is fed up with FPS games or the same old titles being released every year I recommend giving this a try.

Having far too much fun with bows and loving the way the game creates “a very cinematic experience” but still concentrating enough to hit record on the button is Peter, who made you all a video about Tomb Raider.

He’s also been playing through Scribblenauts on the Wii U having started with the intention of writing the review. However with no UK release date forthcoming, it may remain under wraps. So for now you’ll have to make do with the all to brief “it’s clever and cute”.

Aran is closing in on the end of Far Cry 3 which will come as a great relief to the inhabitants of the various islands who have been subject to many cruel and unusual punishments. He’s also a few hours into Assassin’s Creed 3, and is still yet to play as the supposedly less interesting Conner and is wondering how that might affect his enjoyment.

What’s affecting his enjoyment of Halo 4 is that he’s yet to engage with the story. He says that “the way the game looks, the set pieces and opening cinematic” are great but so far he prefers Halo: Reach. Halo 4’s multiplayer Spartan Ops are “well done” though and he’s definitely liking those.

Last week’s surprising revelation that WWE ’12 has a story, its Road to WrestleMania mode, and that it’s not all that bad had some of us wondering if we’d overworked Kris again. But after wrapping it up this week he’s still “pretty pleased by the ending”:

Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay remained awful throughout, but what they were doing with the story in RtWM was a lot of fun and the whole thing fit together really well. I particularly enjoyed the way you triggered cutscenes at certain points in matches to give them more meaningful or controversial finishes, just like you’d see on TV.

Completing our roster this week is Blair who’s managed to become “utterly addicted” to The Simpsons: Tapped Out on his iPhone. He’s been having so much fun with it that its freemium proposition has actually managed to part him from 69p!

The “brilliant and action-packed” Metal Gear Rising seems to get the nod ahead of Metal Gear Solid 3 due to the latter’s “great cutscenes” failing to make up for the “less exciting gameplay”. Blair and his friends are also giving his Wii U a daily Nintendo Land and Mario workout contrary to all expectations which had it firmly labelled as just another dust magnet.

It’s Far Cry 3 that has sunk its crazed hooks deepest into his brain’s gaming centre though. Blair admits to inadvertently staying up well into the wee small hours “just hunting animals, unlocking towers and driving around while listening to Kavinsky”.

Apparently it’s one of those games “you can never get enough of” so join us here again next week to find out just why he has had enough of it.

While we wait expectantly for that how about telling us what you’ve been playing this week?


  1. My sole focus this week was on Tomb Raider and so far I loved every second of it. The running/climbing feels fluid and the gunplay feels great. I’m trying to use the bow as often as possible.
    I really hope they are already working on a next gen sequel.

  2. Borderlands for me, trying get back into it & also a bit of Hitman silent assassin, I’m stuck as the game is just straight hardcore & hate how slow he walks.

    Platinum the walking dead last Sunday, now it’s all about GoW next Friday.

  3. Nintendo Land is the best thing for years in multiplayer. Absolutely amazing.

    • yeah, so many laughs. Wish there were more competitive games, though.

  4. Been playing SOTC on remote play. And GOW: Ghost of Sparta. Not got into that one as much, but got a bit of a telling off for that opinion ;) Hopefully I am proven wrong.

    Tomb Raider next though courtesy of DJHSecondnature.

  5. Tomb Raider – started the SP and find it a little frustrating that the gameplay gets stopped every few minutes for a sequence or something, but otherwise it’s pretty much faultless and very enjoyable! The MP meets have been a great laugh, looking forward to more! Nice to have some played with some new (virtual) faces BULLofDOOM, Keaneplay and frostface-chila!

    Dead Space 3 – been continuing my co-op playthough with MadJunkBoy, still loving the game and have been saving up my Tungsten to make some awesome weapons!

    Black Ops 2 DLC – almost got all the DLC trophies, I just need 2 more (I got all the Turned ones luckily, as they are a twat)! My brother is coming over tonight so I’m going to attempt the “High Maintenance” Easter Egg with him, McProley and Wolf-of-Chaos!

    • Surprising mate, I didn’t find the TR sequences any sort of hindrance really, short and informative for me personally and fitted well into the gameplay. Of course they are all skipable if neccessary. ;)
      Don’t ever buy Max Payne 3…..that game could send you to the asylum with it’s forced sequences!! :P

      • I also mean the QTE and climbing bits (e.g. where Lara pushes against the 2 rocks/walls to climb up)….there just seem to be a lot of them and it doesn’t give you the feeling of much freedom, you’re very much doing exactly what the devs want you to do. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an RPG so I don’t expect it to be open world, but is does seem very confined compared to previous TR games. But like I say, other than that I think it’s brilliant!

      • Give it a little time. The world will open up after a while. I really liked the sequences at the beginning because the tension was still high, the ship just crashed and it made it possible to deliver that atmosphere to the player.
        Sometimes I think Lara is moving on her own and I let got of the stick just to see her slipping. It really is a cinematic experience that blends cut scenes and actual gamepley together really well.

      • That’s good to hear, thanks mate. I think I’m just eager to go exploring, hopefully in some larger areas!

        It wasn’t meant to be a criticism as such, just an observation! ;)

  6. I’ve managed a bit more of Darksiders 2 this week despite having no time, and I’m still trying to work out how much I like it seeing as it’s pretty dreary at times, but then a great moment or character appears which renews my interest.

    Other than that I’ve played some more Crimson Shroud on my 3DS and that’s about it…

    I’m waiting for Monster Hunter, Lego City and Fire Emblem to spend my money on in the next couple of months as there are lots of activities like stag do’s and weddings which seem to be taking all my cash!

  7. I got slaughtered playing multiplayer Crysis 3 on the PC. As a free side-effect I can lower the thermostat in my house due to my pc running VERY HOT playing Crysis 3.

    I attended the usual Dirt Showdown meet, the Secret THPS meet, some DOA5 rank match grinding.

    I also had a go at the last dlc from BF3, called end-game. End-game is really nice and neat and introduces new mp modes, such as air superiourity. Check it out.

    • Only just seen your post on the forum mate. Cant do tonight but how do you fancy Sunday for trying it out?

      • Done, I’ve set up a meet on Sunday night at 19:00 your time.

  8. Still playing Skyrim. I’m starting to wish that i had a gaming PC as i’ve seen a lot of immersion mods that makes the game more immersive. Oh well.

  9. Aliens and F1 for me, yet again. Also playing Surge on the Vita which is great!

  10. Bit of Tomb Raider and some Blops 2 zombies for me this week but nothing extreme. Finished off Assassins Creed Liberation at work this week. Just need to pollish of the collectable, Kill all citizen E then do the MP stuff then its the Duck Billed PLATipus for me :)

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