Bastion Part Of Pay What You Want Sale

Supergiant’s critically acclaimed Bastion is on sale, for only a week, as part of a pay what you want deal over at The Humble Bundle Store. For Just $1 you can get the game via Steam for Mac, Windows and Linux. Bastion earned a perfect 10/10 score in TSA’s review for the XBLA version.

If you’re feeling charitable, however, you can add another $1.64 and grab yourself the game along with the digital soundtrack, art pack, sheet music and ringtone. You can also take it a step further if you are feeling that generous by paying $25 or over which will bag you Bastion merchandise including a bandana, physical soundtrack and a postcard for the upcoming game Transistor (announced today).

Source: Destructoid


  1. I felt very generous tonight. Gave them 25 bucks.
    Also, I am a sucker for extra content. :D

    • The physical content looked great. I was thinking about it for a second. :P

  2. Tnx for the tip.
    Just bought it.

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