God Of War: Ascension Patch 1.03 Is Live

Sony Santa Monica has launched an update for God of War: Ascension, ushering in new multiplayer options whilst softening one of the campaign’s most brutal stages.

1.03 has altered “The Trial of Archimedes” (Chapter 28) by adding green and blue chests at common intervals after registering fan feedback. The developer admitted that this section “fell short of our goal of being perfectly balanced.”

Ascension’s multiplayer also received a quick spruce-up with heroes now able to select “Marks” to customise their champions. These appearance options are completely free and come in six different forms, representing the multiplayer’s two factions as well as its foursome of ancient Gods.

More features like this are promised in future updates.

Source: PlayStation Blog


  1. If you struggled to beat the trial of Arch, then you sir are not worthy of God of war plat! I traded in the game after beating it for BioShock got it for a fiver, sweet if you ask me

    • You should buy this again when price drops just for coop. its worth it.

      • Will do, I don’t need the pass again if I buy it second hand right?

  2. I just finished the game yesterday, and I expected “The trial of Archimedes” to be really hard. I think I died the first 3 times i tried, which isn’t much compared to other places in the game (I played it on “normal”). I think the problem is that you have to be a bit more tactical, and not just use the blades. I found it way too easy that I thought it had already been patched :)

    • I think you completed it with the patch. I’m sure the patch was released monday if not earlier.

      • Well, I didn’t see any green or blue chests. Was the trial nerfed in 1.02, and they are now nerfing it more by adding chests in 1.03?

  3. I’m not worthy.

  4. Got the Platinum a couple of days ago Pre-Patch and didn’t find it too difficult. It didn’t need a patch IMO.

  5. This patch was released on Saturday last, and there are not chest, Jim. You just get a bit of Health and magic automatically after each round.

    • That explains why it was so easy. Thank you!

  6. It’s so disappointing to hear this. ‘Hard’ mode is meant to be just that – HARD.

    • think hard is still hard it was normal that felt like hard.

  7. Kratos is very disappointed about this patch to make it easy. But he is proud that I got the Platinum before the patch (almost 2 weeks ago) ^^
    *Proud face*

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