Subtle Hints Suggest Half Life 3 Was Shown At GDC

Did Valve show off Half Life 3 at GDC in the last day or so? A series of subtle and not so subtle Tweets point to something rather tasty being demonstrated, and if it’s not the long-awaited next title in the rather superb first person shooter series, it’s likely to be something closely related.


Picked up by PixelEnemy [source], the first hints come from DICE’s David Goldfarb, lead designer on Battlefield 3. He said he’d seen “something nice” from the developer behind closed doors, to which Marcus Persson, inventor of Minecraft, replied back asking if it was Half Life 3.

“My silence must be interpreted as silence” replied Goldfarb; “Reply to this tweet if hl3 is confirmed,” added Persson. “I will show my answer with some interpretive dance,” said Goldfarb, as if to confirm without confirming. “Look closely.”

More? How about Interceptor Entertainment’s Dave Oshry. “Just got out of a meeting with Valve that was single-handedly worth the trip out here,” he said on Twitter. “You guys are gonna love me for this” – before hinting that a reveal might be “soon”.

Could this mean there’s something coming at E3, or even closer? Half Life 3 has been one of those games that everyone really wants but nobody knows anything about. It’s likely to come with that fabled Source engine update, if this is anything to do with Gordon Freeman…



  1. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONFIRMED! Wooooooooooo! Awesome news, it has to be Half-Life 3…. right? RIGHT?!

  2. HL3 – Revealed at a ‘Steambox’ event, surely?

  3. Please please please please please please please and pretty please.

  4. This has to happen, right? I mean, it has to. Please.

  5. Can’t tell if Valve are trolling us or have actually decided to give us subtle hints regarding Half Life 3. I suspect they will release a trailer at E3 this year and announce it as a next gen game. It will be a 10/10 game as i can see them doing their best to finish off Gordon Freeman’s Story and because they’ve had a while to work on it. Also, because Valve rarely release naff games.

  6. I’d much rather have Portal 3.

    • I feel it’s too soon for another Portal. Loved the game, but I think a game like that benefits from a big gap between releases. Pretty much like all Valve games in that respect!

    • Tis too soon for another Portal game. We’ve been waiting for Half Life 3 since 2007ish. I can see parts of Portal being in Half Life 3. Also, Valve have managed to count to three!? :O

      • what if HL3 and Portal 2 are the same game?

      • Then that would be fecking awesome! Although i suspect Peter will bully his way into reviewing it. :P

        But doesn’t Portal 2 take place 200 years after Half Life? I can’t see Gordon Freeman meeting Chell in Half Life 3 if it takes place in the year 200X. Unless he ends up in the Aperture Science testing complex and he ends up having to take part in the tests or die. And then procceed to have cake.

        Or it could be that they will release Portal 3 on the same disc as Half Life 3. My wallet will really despise me when it is released.

  7. Sounds like there will be an official reveal soon, i would love it to be HL3.

  8. I think I’ve only played a tiny bit of HL2, never saw what the fuss was about really. The original Portal was way better.

    • If you haven’t played through HL2 then you should be stripped of your license to play computer games. Rectify this situation!!!

    • I can see where this notion comes from. Half Life 2, when it was released, was amazing but every FPS (and many other games) since has tried to emulate it – some in very minor ways and some in much more obvious ways.

      So people used to playing games over the past 5 years might return to HL2 and think “what’s the fuss, this is just like most FPS games” – like when people revisit Hitchcock’s movies and complain that they just pull the same tricks as many other suspense films. That’s the problem with largely defining a genre, I suppose.

      • Funnily enough I did just that a few months ago, because I’d never actually finished it and even after 8 odd years, it still plays really well and looks decent too. the puzzles it creates with the physics engine helps to make it stand out amongst FPSs even today.

        Those black head crabs still give me the willies.. Brrr!

  9. So much for episodic content! I am excited though, I played the games again last year, they’re all still cracking games!

  10. I didn’t really like HL2… It all felt rather mediocre to me, from the level design to the driving physics to the shooting. The characters were decent enough, but the enemies were a bit meh, and Freeman was a joke.

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