Unreal Engine 4 Video From GDC Is Very Impressive, Very “Unreal”

Unreal Engine is incredibly popular. It powers so many of our favourite games, from Epic’s own Gears of War series to Rocksteady’s Arkham games, BioShock Infinite, Dishonored, even PlayStation Move’s Sorcery and download-only games like Shadow Complex.

So the next iteration is kind of a big deal. It’s possible that Unreal Engine 4 will be what powers many of the third party games on the next generation of consoles. In fact, it’s already been announced as the engine for one of the first titles for PlayStation 4 – Primal Carnage: Genesis.


While these engine demonstrations don’t really indicate what gameplay will look like, they do give a good indication of what might be possible. Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t stray too far from its predecessor’s reputation for grungy tones and high-sheen but it shows off much more articulation in the character models and it seems like particle effects and atmospherics will be a big part of what developers can do with the engine.

This is worth watching, even if just for the action!


Source: YouTube, thanks Zak



  1. It’s that unreal, it isn’t even there!!

  2. Developers:Show us this sort of stuff running with things like multiple |A.I routines and other in-game related factors, then you’ll impress.as it stands? your justr window dressing!.

    I don’t want to see all manner of fancy F.X being thrown around whilst the A.I would shame a 1st gen PS2 release.Less smoke n mirrors, more what we really can expect to see.


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