GT6 Penned For November 28th For PS3, Say Racing Websites

[drop2]Several motoring websites are reporting that Sony are to release Gran Turismo 6, for PlayStation 3, on the 28th of November.

This ties it with earlier rumours, and rules out (at least for now) a PlayStation 4 version.


Sites picking up on the news include Motor Authority, Jalopnik and Top Gear.

Whilst it may appear that they’re all quoting the same retailer source, there’s a certain sense of weight behind the reports, which all seem rather confident in their reporting.

A full reveal for the game is just weeks away, TheSixthAxis understands.

If there are hands-on previews (which we assume there will be, as with all Sony titles of late) chances are they won’t be on PS4 hardware, adding further weight to the PS3-only notion.

Hopefully we’ll find out for sure soon – a revamped GT5 would be good enough for most, assuming Polyphony have worked on the Premium car count, sorted out the engine sounds and enhanced the tracks.



  1. Drive Club for me then.
    Looks like I’ve got a long wait for GT7. Maybe I’ll get a Prologue in a few years.

  2. Great news, although the “good enough for most with a worked on premium car count”. always baffled me. There were more premium cars in GT5 at release than any other racer could get halfway close to even after they’d had DLC add-ons!
    Would love to see a few inclusions like online championship set ups, an improved and more varied track design……bikes would be nice but TT2 would be nicer! ;)

  3. Sweet, I hope GT6 is to GT5 what GT4 was to GT3, and similarly what GT2 was to the original GT :P. I really look forward to hearing more on this soon, as the GT series was the main deciding factor in terms of exclusive titles that swung me over to Sony rather than MS when I first entered this gen of consoles. Exciting times!

  4. Really hoping this returns some of the fun to the game. GT5 was pretty dull, no matter how well it played (which was very well), there just wasn’t that ‘fun’ factor. More like frustrating trains of cars mindlessly driving round tracks at a sensible track speeds.
    GT4 was magic, they need that back.

    • Agreed, some the aspects to the single player campaign are lacking, but no previous GT has needed to include online racing which is where the crux of GT5 really is for me anyway.

  5. Definitely fake art at least – the 6 is sized and spaced weirdly, and be logo itself takes up too much space for even a usual hero-logo box design, the bits at the bottom are way too close to the edges, and as a final nail, the box itself is the style that hasn’t been used since 2009 (check the old-style PLAYSTATION 3 logo and the Blu-ray logo in the wrong place).

    • Yup, and it’s missing the “Only on PlayStation” tag

  6. I’m wondering whether GT will be back at all after this one, even on PS4. Its old and needs a massive revamp I think

  7. vrrrooooommm!
    WTF polophony i just spent 4 days installing this heap of shite and still you want to load something every two seconds.forget it i’m of to play Forza

  8. For some reason, reading the title of this article made Penny Racers jump in to my head…… not a great game!

  9. Would be cool if it said ‘Playable on the PS4 to’ :( + I really want a next-gen racing game now tho, time to move on & taste the FUTURE LoL:D So DriveClub will be my next Driving game i think;)

  10. I am looking Forward and expect Great things from this
    GRAN TURISMO 5 is the reason I bought/stood in line at LAUNCH a PS3 and I Still Play It Daily . sometimes I just watch it run through it’s amazing looking Attract sequences

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