Futurlab: “Fingers Crossed” For Velocity Ultra Release Tomorrow

Futurlab’s PlayStation Vita version of Velocity, dubbed Velocity Ultra, is due for release onto the PlayStation Store tomorrow. However, the enhanced, native version will definitely miss its US release, and it’s “fingers crossed” whether it’ll land in Europe on its original date too.

“We haven’t had confirmation from the PS Store team yet,” studio head James Marsden told TheSixthAxis this morning, “but we are on track to pass QA in the EU today and our champions within Sony will be doing everything they can to get it released tomorrow.”


“Fingers crossed,” he added.

Velocity Ultra will be part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection in Europe, meaning anyone with a Plus subscription should, assuming SCEE can work their last minute magic, be able to grab the game for free in tomorrow’s update.

The original Velocity is widely considered one of the best minis games on the platform. Ultra adds high resolution visuals, new effects, leaderboards and trophies. Read our hands on here.



  1. Nooooo :(

    Hopefully it makes the deadline for tomorrow. I was so looking forward to getting it for free through PS+.

    I’m not sure it was meant for a US release today. Nothing has been announced to suggest that.

  2. Well this is welcome news. My vita is getting a hell of a lot of free game love right now. Just finished wipeout, now playing the charming Thomas was alone, still got metal gear collection waiting on the memory stick and now this. I’ve still only ever bought 2 vita games, what’s the point while they keep giving me quality like this for free? Surely not the best business model!

  3. ‘Fingers crossed’ can’t be good for business, can it?

    • Being up front with our fans IS business ;)

      • What about the album? That still on track?

      • Re: soundtrack, there have been ridiculous red tape issues due to the soundtrack ALSO featuring remixers.

        We had to ask a friend with strong contacts to pull rank and get the game resubmitted to the boss of the guy we were dealing with…

        Short answer: have no idea :(

      • Well that’s just silly.

      • Cracking answer! I meant my comment as a dig at The PSN people by the way, and it’s always good to see you indie guys show patience and optimism in the face of crushingly rubbish communications. Keep it up!

    • Can’t really blame the folks at Sony, it’s our first time submitting a game for PS Vita and it’s a huge learning curve covering all the platform specific requirements.

      We failed many times on legal QA checks for things like terminology, language strings not working correctly etc.

      All our bad :)

  4. Please release tomorrow. I have b looking forward to the release of this since the announcement.

  5. I’m looking forward to checking it out although i’m afraid i haven’t made much progress with the mini – the timer is my biggest enemy – but it’s a dinky lttle game and i hope the PS+ promotion works out well for Futurlab.

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