EA Adds New Need For Speed To Tonight’s Xbox Line-Up

[drop2]Whilst Nintendo are out of favour with EA at the moment, and Sony didn’t manage to get anyone from the publisher up on stage in New York, Microsoft have obviously saved them a seat on the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. branch.

Following on from yesterday’s news of an exclusive FIFA reveal and something relating to Battlefield 4, EA have teased that a new Need For Speed will also grace the Xbox Reveal tonight at the Microsoft campus.


The hint initially came via McLaren who had been prompting something for a day. Overnight the Need for Speed Facebook page posted the shot of the iconic orange vehicle.

Interestingly, this morning it looks like the post has been removed – it’s still in Google’s cache and there’s a screengrab, of course.

Most were assuming Microsoft would be wheeling out the likes of a new Project Gotham Racing or – perhaps – a new Forza title. Another EA reveal doesn’t quite have the same impact – let’s just hope they’re confined to a short ‘sizzle’ video rather than individual announcements from a single publishers.

Microsoft have already said that tonight’s show is just about the console rather than the games, with the good stuff being saved for E3 in a couple of weeks. Yesterday Sony attempted to spoil Microsoft’s party with a teasing glimpse of the console and confirming that we won’t (leaks aside) see the full console until Sony roll it out in Los Angeles a day before E3 starts.

Did it work? We’ll see soon.



  1. This adds credence to the suggestion at the microsoft first party developers are 6 mons behind on development. EA have been very vocal about being ready for the next gen. Perhaps they are the only publisher that has something ready to show at the Xbox reveal.

    • Activision too, and you can bet Ubisoft will want to be at the party. Beyond that, I’m not sure we’ll see anyone sneak in, but you never know.

      • It looks like Microsoft will be touting things you can get anywhere else, but the benefit of getting it anywhere else is that you don’t have to swing your arms about like a mad man, or feel a little sad for talking to your video games console just to start up your game.

  2. MS must have a bare cupboard to be promoting all of EAs games

    • Nope, not at all. They have EA and Activision at the reveal, among others I’m sure. With FIFA and Call of Duty that’s pretty much the two biggest games each year shown on Xbox hardware.

      That’s a massively impressive move.

      Sony’s conference was great, but Killzone’s no CoD in terms of numbers. And with Nintendo losing favour with EA this just cements Microsoft as a solid platform for those games.

      I’m pretty sure they have some first party stuff too…

      • see it different a bit boring guess we will see tonight.

      • I agree with skibadee. CoD, Fifa and NFS are games that always appear on all consoles (except Nintendo these days) and they are hardly gaming revolutions. They are very popular, bot by no means console sellers, due to their multiplatform nature.
        I honestly don’t believe we’ll see anything unexpected / interesting at today’s event.

  3. My concern is that Microsoft have already forgotten about the millions of 360 users out there. Look at the 360 titles coming for the next 6 months. It’s not good reading. Are Microsoft going to drop support for the 360 like they did for the original Xbox? By comparison, the thought of trading in my PS3 for a PS4 has not even crossed my mind with the announcement of GT6 and the incoming release of The Last of Us. It’s like the 360 has become the bastard ginger step kid of the current gen consoles…

    • The bastard ginger step kid, lmao, great line Lewis.

      • Apologies to any bastard ginger step children out there, but in my eyes you are just an XBOX 360 now.

      • Brilliant Lol! They were cursed with the Red Head Of Death!

    • I just spat out Coke at that last line. Thanks for the chuckle

  4. If Microsoft have NFS, FIFA & COD all shown first on NextBox, all demoed on NextBox, all advertised with NextBox in the promotion and all with exclusive features/DLC/release date windows, it does not mater that they games aren’t exclusive. It will be marketed aggressively and the console could become the default choice for the mass-market. Bloody nora.

    • Initial console buyers are more savvy than that. The geeks like me will be looking at specs, and release line up. From there the the general opinion will spread to casual users. Microsoft are not ready for the way in which twitter, Facebook and the like have enormous sway in general opinion of consumer products. I think Coke are the only company who have managed to grasp this with their named bottles on Facebook. If Sony can pull off the share button that’s their marketing done!

  5. I don’t really give two hoots if this happens, all I know is that I will be purchasing a console, that will still have these games on, and will have a lot more diverse games that will last a lot longer. If had stuck with a 360 instead of selling it after a month, then I probably wouldn’t even be gaming anymore.

    Yes advertise and get exclusive DLC by all means, but those with half a brain know that this will be on all consoles.

  6. Will be interesting to see how this evening pans out. Despite the PS4 probably being the best for exclusives I can honestly see myself going Xbox again (assuming it is sensibly priced), as it is the platform my mates will most likely to opt for. Plus it will likely have better Call of Duty support, which is basically the only game I play these days.
    Can’t see myself getting either on day one however as they will no doubt be ridiculously overpriced as always.

  7. I wonder how much a year or two’s exclusivity of some of the biggest IPs in gaming would cost Microsoft, and would they see it as worth it if it helped them win the next generation console war?

    Could they afford to compensate EA or Activision for a year’s worth of no Playstation sales? Probably. But would it be worth it to them?

  8. I don’t blame Microsoft for aggressive tactics but it looks to me like they’re using a Spineless Strategy here and maybe even demeaning to the public in a sense. “We’ll just throw in FIFA & COD and we’re onto a winner” kind of thing.

    • Altho I am commenting on something which hasn’t yet taken place so I may well end up doing the eat my own hat thing :)

  9. hyped for E3 now to see MS and Sony’s dick whipping contest lets see who has more to offer.

    Not really surprised about this though cant wait to play a next generation NFS on my PS4 haha!! loved the last game was a step in the right direction plus online was practically Burnout so was a win win!

    • Plus looking forward to hearing some news on a new UFC

  10. Prepare for Autolog 3.0, and hopefully 60FPS.

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