Sony Teases “Next Chapter” In The PlayStation Story, Announces Plans To Live-Stream E3 Conference

Sony have today announced plans to live stream their pre-E3 press conference. So, if you fancy being awake at 2am in the morning in 10 days time, this is the bookmark you’re looking for. There’s a handy countdown timer too – 10 days to go!

The page also teases “the next chapter in the PlayStation story” – although we’re assuming that’s simply referring to the inevitable avalanche of next-gen games and services that’ll start appearing during their LA event. And, of course, the full reveal of the PlayStation 4.

We’ll be there in force, reporting live.



  1. excellent. I wont be staying up as I wont be able to cope at my desk the next day. But I hope to log onto TSA for all the quality news/vids etc the next morning.

  2. I’m still expecting a megaton announcement. Predictions? PlayStation 4 will be announced as one of the upcoming Steam boxes, will be able to play all current games on Steam that have been encoded for Linux.

    • That would be killer!
      The PS4 OS is BSD based, rather than linux though… :(

      • Has anyone detailed which BSD Sony are using? As Linux binaries can sometimes run on FreeBSD. That said, I do think the prediction is a bit of a stretch.

        In my timezone the Sony conference is at the fairly civilized time of 11am. Unfortunately it is a work day for me.

  3. E3 (at least in some years) is like another Christmas to me. It’s that one time of year that a huge game reveal set is certain. Easily worth staying up an extra couple of hours for.

  4. Tempted to watch this live as I have a couple of days off that week :-) Interested to see what Sony have up their sleeve.

    • Probably their forearms, as that’s what I found when I rolled mine up earlier after the Sun decided to make an appearance.

  5. Will there be TSA E3 Bingo again this year? Hopefully! :)

  6. Thankfully I’ve nothing in the morning after this, long night ahead.

  7. Was it that late/early am last year? Seem to recall watching it but maybe it wasn’t live.

    Sadly my days of staying up that late are long gone!

  8. If it was a friday i might stay up, no way could i cope next day in work after going to bed that late. Plus theres the possibility of not being able to sleep at all after watching the event due to over-excitment ;)

  9. Will have to watch it the following day, I can’t function on 3 hours sleep :( will be an interesting read on twitter that morning though :)

  10. I wonder if the stream will be able to cope with the audience, I always make sure I have a backup stream from a different source ready just in case.

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