E3 Diary Day 1 – Skittles

There’s a shop next to our hotel that stocks about seven different types of Skittles in as many colours of bags. “Bite Size Candies” helpfully explains the side of a packet of so-called ‘Tropical’ flavoured Skittles, which seems overly descriptive but is presumably for that small proportion of curious confectionery purveyors that aren’t aware of Wrigley’s cute little round lumps of sugar.

As I sit here, scoffing the last of the bag at 2 in the morning, I’m aware that in doing so I’m compounding my inability to sleep (despite my best efforts) but then, as if by magic, they do have that addictive quality to them. There’s these sour ones, with some kind of mouldy, saccharine covering. They’re amazing.

But yeah, travel. Yesterday’s flight both dragged like crazy (not helped by the woman in front of me who seemed happy enough to stare at that little crawling airplane icon for eleven hours) and yet, once landed, was over in a flash.

That’ll wear off once we have to head back, but until then we’ve got several days of Los Angeles to look forward to: it’s muggy but warm, our hotel’s patently lethal but cheap, and we’re not too far away from the Convention Center. It’s an hour’s walk, which is doable, and if it’s not too hot Peter won’t be moaning like a child all the way; apparently anything above 20 degrees is largely akin to burning alive, the poor boy.

Sunday’s all about finding a decent coffee, recovering from too much candy floss and trying to figure out how we managed to spend so much money on margaritas and yet still remain lucid enough to have jet-lag powered insomnia.

It’s also about grabbing our passes for the expo, the pre-E3 conferences and whatever that thing is Microsoft are talking about tomorrow morning. Kris is organised, at least, so hopefully his magic bag of paperwork and QR codes will contain everything we need to sign up for Monday’s onslaught of big flashy television sets, overly happy executives and the three letters we desperately don’t want Sony to utter, unless they’re placed after “don’t worry, the PS4 won’t have any”. We’ll see – off the record chatter from the evening was all over the place.

Until next time.



  1. That CANDY looks very tasty, but that pink stuff looks like it would make you sick.

  2. Those margaritas look suspiciously like, gone-off bottles of milk that someone has iced and whacked a straw in, that’s the whey to do it. Chinchin.

  3. So jealous about those Margarita pitchers…

  4. What’s the hotel called? I wanna google/tripadvisor/streetview it! I stayed in Long Beach and Downtown Hollywood (Vine St) the couple of times I’ve been. Both were pretty hellish, lol!

  5. Margeritas AND candyfloss – you’d swear you guys were on holiday.. ;-)

  6. Have any of you been winning over the locals with the British accent? :-)

    • Kris pulled.

      • Just go posh English and you can pull in seconds. I went in to a bar and said “A pint of your finest ale my good man” and that worked :)

  7. If that’s Peter in the image I could swear he was pointing at that blonde haired lady in a strange random way or is it just my dirty mind ; P

    • It’s Kris, Peter’s behind all hidden and that.

      • Oops see lower comment of mine.

      • well i’d hope his behind is hidden. ^_^

    • Yeah, there’s not much of me in that pic, just my Yakuza-style tattoo ;)

      • Haha at least it’s not my disgusting mind :p. Good luck to you lot other there, still enjoying the news.

  8. Living the dream :-)

  9. My whole gaming life I wanted to be at the E3, so jealous…

  10. Can’t wait to hear more news from you guys at E3. ;)

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