WeView: E3 2013 – The Games

We’re doing something a little bit different for WeView this week. Now that the press conferences are over, we’d like to hear what you thought of them – did MicroSoft dazzle you with their new Xbox One titles, did EA surprise you with those sequels, did Ubisoft pull another Watch Dogs and what about Sony – did they manage to surprise you with the game announcements? How about Nintendo, could any of these games finally sell you a Wii U? Or did any disappoint you? Whatever the case, we’d like to hear.

Now, we don’t want you writing about everything from every conference, so try to stick to a few games in total. We’re wanting to purely stick to games here, though, otherwise it’ll all be about the PS4’s lack of DRM and low price (great though, isn’t it?)! Just pick whichever game you like (or dislike), it’s really up to you. We’ll then round up your thoughts into a verdict article later in the week!


For example, I absolutely loved the look of Insomniac’s new game, Sunset Overdrive. It was a real surprise seeing them step on stage at a Microsoft conference – no doubt disappointing a lot of Sony fans – and revealing a genuinely fresh and fun looking new IP. It looks like it could be a really fun third-person shooter, with guns to rival Ratchet and Clank and some brilliant fast-paced parkour gameplay. To sum it up, it seemed like pure fun and just on the right side of being absolutely mental.

As for EA, the real surprise for me wasn’t the new Mirror’s Edge game but instead the new Plants vs. Zombies game, Garden Warfare – I seem to be sticking to what looked like most fun here – and the arcadey, horde-style gameplay really drew me in. This looks like it should be an absolute blast with friends. Oh, and Peggle 2!

There was no question on the game of Ubisoft’s show – and perhaps the game of the show overall: The Division. This looked like an absolutely brilliant persistently online survival/shooter/RPG with some brilliant AR elements thrown in. The squad-based gameplay seemed to work very well and I’ll be picking it up for my PS4 as soon as it releases.

Sony showed off some brilliance with Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and The Order but my real love lies with the indie games they spent some time going over. Transistor, in particular, is looking fantastic – SuperGiant’s previous title, Bastion, is an incredibly well made indie game and I’ve been waiting to see what they did next.

Nintendo always have a special place in my heart and the new Super Smash Brothers games for 3DS and Wii U were very exciting to me. I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing Brawl with friends and I can’t wait to play it on the go on my 3DS and in HD on my Wii U when it releases next year. I’m not enamoured with the new characters – Animal Crossing’s Villager and Mega Man – but I really can’t wait to find out more about this game.

Over to you now – you can decide your own format of your comment, which I’ll no doubt pick apart for the round-up. There’s no ratings this week, don’t worry – just blabber on about the games you’re looking forward to.



  1. Two games caught my attention – We’re talking PS4 and not the Xbox Juan. The Division looks like its going to be a day 1 purchase and as for The Order, galavanting around London in 1886 like a lead & laser packing Sherlock Holmes looks quite promising. Although there was no game play the trailer pretty much sold it to me.

  2. The Division looked really interesting until they said it was online. Second Son is still the game possible want most as it’s just my sort of game.

    The Order 1866 jumped out as being a bit fresh and it’ll be interesting to see what Ready at Dawn can do outside of handheld games.

    In some ways the best games bit was actually Sony showing the clips of the PS3 lineup this year, Last of Us, Beyond, Rain, Puppeteer and GT6. There’s probably more excitement there than for the all the next-gen games put together so far.

    I’m still waiting for that big surprise. There were more shooters, more racing games that look very similar, etc… the Indie games possibly had the most originality. With the older IP there wasn’t a moment like watch the first Tomb Raider reboot trailer, with the new IP there wasn’t a Watch Dogs moment. The biggest surprise was probably Kingdom Hearts 3 followed by Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. My wife’s favourite moment was the Peggle 2 announcement.

    For me the games lineup at E3 is summed up more by what wasn’t there, Naughty Dog’s next game, Guerrilla’s new IP, Media Molecules next IP, Last Guardian, Agent, LBP3, Assassins Creed Rising Pheonix, next Uncharted game, new Gears of War, new God of War, a proper Nintendo conference etc….

    • Totally agree with you on your last paragraph Jimmy, there are a lot of games we know are in development there that we heard nothing about, at least so far.

  3. Ok going by all conferences (except Nintendo).

    MS: Project Spark (not really a game but hey) and Titanfall (which is probably timed exclusive according to Edge magazine and the CEO of EA) look great. Nothing else really..
    EA: Plants vs Zombies: Garden warfare here’s hoping it’s timed exclusive (probably, though)
    Ubisoft: The Division hands down best of the entire show.
    Sony: Of the games shown Destiny and The Elder Scrolls Online are the most interesting to me. Didn’t want to mention Killzone because that’s a day one anyway…

  4. Looking back on it all, Nintendo really do have some huge games with plenty of re-playability coming to the Wii U. I know they’re all sequels, but Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Bros all looked and seemed to play like slices of golden sunshine.

    Sony’s Indie offering was probably their most impressive element, but I think this was slightly dampened by their February reveal being SO good on the games. To be honest, I was hoping for one or two big or new titles to be revealed just to really complete the conference. I’m glad they spend very little time on Knack – that to me is almost as embarrassing as watching the WonderBook unveil.
    Sony’s ACE is PlayStation Plus, as it now stretches across PS3, Vita and PS4, and whilst it’s required for online play on PS4 (could they extend that to PS3 at some point I wonder??), you carry your subscription over and get Drive Club ‘lite’ – plus hopefully a continued momentum of releasing exceptional games to the instant game collection.

    Final Fantasy 15 made my jaw drop – probably looking forward to that the most – it seems as though Next Gen is finally allowing that series to catch up with it’s lofty CG intentions (although stalwarts may scoff if they move in a more arcade direction)

    I guess that the BIG titles for both Sony and Microsoft seem solid enough, but nothing to sway me away from Sony (or to see much gravitas to Sony). The indie thing is definitely working in their favour (as is PlayStation Plus) – but at the moment I think that the next gen battle will be more about online requirements, used games and price rather than any specific game.

    And talking of price – I think that once Nintendo get their BIG games starting to release, they’ll become the choice for the more casual gamer and for parties/family play. They’ve got the more affordable price and accessories that transfer from one generation to the next.

    • It was Game, Set and Match to Sony regarding “next gen” IMO.

      • I’m Sony through and through, but judging by the games alone, I think the Xbox was stronger on games and new IPs this time around compared to their launches, but that’s mostly down to Sony being so strong out of the blocks. As mentioned – if Sony had teased just one or two more next gen games then I’d have given 10/10.

  5. 1. Star Wars Battlefront
    2. Star Wars Battlefront
    3. Star Wa……but seriously the highlights of the show for me were SW Battlefront (of course), The Division (looked ace & day one for me), Killzone (another day one), Watch Dogs (day one), Destiny (again…day one) but the biggest surprise was seeing the indie games on stage….they all looked great & I for one can’t wait to get my hands on them (Don’t Starve coming to Plus was a great wee bonus). Oh and not forgetting Drive Club on Plus. 8D

  6. Ubisoft are really coming up with means of taking my money in ways they haven’t done before both Watch Dogs and The Division. From Sony Drive Club, Killzone and Second Son all look great. Dropping the skyscrapper in multiplayer BF4 reminds me of Bad Company 2 where by the end of the match the whole village was leveled and you were hiding behind rubble. It looks like what I wanted from BF3, but didn’t get. Destruction!

    On another note Knack looked to be the only game I can play with my kids. When did game get so dark and gloomy.

  7. The Division and Mirror’s Edge. Watching The Division reveal with all the other TSA staff on Skype was a highlight for me, it was unexpected, we had no idea what was going.
    Skype went a bit like this “What? What the hell? Oh my god.. WHAT? WHAT IS THIS? A franchise? Which one? Splinter Cell? Who? That was so cool. Still no idea.. WTF happened then? This looks awsome!!! WHAT? ‘EFFING HELL! Tom Clancy RPG?!?!??!!”

  8. Battlefield 4 impressed me, I hadn’t been overly interested in it but when that building came tumbling down it elicited an impressed snort from me and really put it on my radar when it hadn’t been before.
    The Crew also impressed me, looked like good arcade fun and the fact so much of the world both on and off road was explorable made for an interesting proposition.
    Obviously The Division looked amazing too, it was the little touches during that gameplay that impressed me the most like when he pushed the car door shut as he strafed alongside it and when he actually picked up the bottle of water rather than swatting his hand in the vague direction. The online aspect should throw up some interesting and unpredictable gameplay too which looks like great fun.
    I really want to see some gameplay from the The Order 1886, that looked very cool and definitely piqued my interest.
    Destiny also did something similar to BF4 for me, the lighting in that gameplay was really impressive and while I’d ignored it before I will now be on the lookout for more in the future.
    Also… New Battlefront! Cannot wait for that!

  9. I think Xbox One’s exclusives looked much more interesting than Sony’s at E3, although Sony still have plenty to show us seeing as they only really announced one new exclusive – The Order.

    Saying that, however, I can’t wait for inFamous: Second Son, Watch Dogs was impressive as always and The Division looked fantastic.

    Microsoft surprised me with Project Spark and Below, and Ted Price tried his best to make me curl up into a ball and cry with Sunset Overdrive’s X1 exclusivity. I still can’t get over it.

    Blabbering on some more, Octodad looked like great fun and I can’t wait for Don’t Starve and Outlast with PS4’s PS+.

    Finally, however, a new Mirror’s Edge!

  10. There were quite a few of the already mentioned games that said ‘next-gen’ to me but the one thing that practically SCREAMED next-gen at me was the wonderful and funny Quantic Dreams Dark Sorceror tech demo – It was this that made my heart go giddy-up for the potential of PS4!

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