It Might Be Best To Hold Off On That 3DS Firmware Update

This morning, the 3DS got a system update. Versioned at 6.0.0-11U, it adds four new games to the StreetPass Plaza that you can purchase and play. It also adds 99 new hats and some other minor enhancements to the Mii-packed square in your pocket.

Unfortunately, it seems like multiple reports are surfacing of problems with the Mii Plaza itself crashing. It’s assumed that this is because of the update and seems to be particularly prevalent with Plazas that contain a lot of Miis.


The four new games themselves sound like a bit of fun – there’s a murder mystery game, a strategy game, a side scrolling shooter and a life sim. All were designed by different studios including the teams behind Ocarina of Time, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Kirby’s Epic Yarn. They’re priced at £4.49/€4.99 each or £13.49/€14.99 for the four pack.

Nintendo are investigating the reported issues but until there’s a resolution, we advise that you hold off on the update.



  1. 99 new hats! Wow!

    • Hat’s incredible! I’m bowler-ed over.

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