Community Round-Up: 29/06/13

I think Gazza might have made a little mistake when booking his holiday… E3 was a few weeks ago! I’m sure he’s having a lovely time over in the US of A, regardless, especially because it means he gets a little break from writing the round-up, and pushes these duties over to me!

With no new competitions this week, I think I might have a sneaky little giveaway next time out. I have a little collection of goodies which get handed out at games events, and I’ve been meaning to pass them along for a while now! So, be sure to check in next Saturday for those.

In the mean time, you should get in on some meets!

Sanmartinez hosts a Defiance meet tonight at 8PM, with the weekly Grid 2 meet tomorrow afternoon at 4PM. Gran Turismo 5 sneaks in just ahead of the GT6 demo on Monday night, with Dirt Showdown being hosted by Motalla on Tuesday at 8PM.

Additionally, I’m going to see what The Last of Us has in hold for private lobbies on Wednesday night, starting at 7PM. So pop along if you’re up for a spot of TSA-only “Tee-Low”!

There will no doubt be a Battlefield meet on Friday, but that’s not up just yet. Keep checking back to see if anything else gets set up, or create your own meet provided you’ve got 250 TSA points.

There have been a handful of reviews this week, with things kicking off with my look at Company of Heroes 2. It’s rather fantastic, I must say. Dan Lee’s back in action with a 7/10 for Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara, whilst Aran gave the revamped OMG HD Zombies an 8/10.

Kris kicked off the previews with Skylanders: Swap Force, whilst it was Blair on duty for Disney Infinity, both of which are games featuring a physical side to the character selection. Kris also took a look at Lords of the Fallen, and I went hands on with the delightfully crazy Saints Row IV.

Al has been particularly busy this week, first summing up Nintendo’s collection of upcoming titles, in a post snappily titled “If Nintendo Made Video Games“. He also took a look at where DriveClub is coming from and where it’s going with some insights from Col Rodgers.

Hotline Miami seems to be Al’s new favourite game, whilst this week’s Indie Focus features the delightful Little Inferno. Aran takes his Matter of Perspective series to the rooftops of Mirror’s Edge.

Rounding us out, last week’s Chronicle featured blackredyellow and his cat, as the WeView verdict came in for BioShock Infinite. The 102nd podcast landed on Monday as usual, whilst What We Played reached number 111.

There’s been some lovely chit chat in the forums this week. So let us go and have a looksie:

And on that baffling note, it’s time to wrap this up for another week. See you next time.



  1. Oh can we play all modes in TLOU, I like the one were 4 of you have to work as a team to kill other 4 but if you die you won’t come back till next round, quickest way to earn online trophies.

    • Survivor.
      Yup. We can happily mix things up a bit, as long as it’s not really tying in with the daily progression, because people trying to get challenges done will have a MUCH more difficult time of it with just a few lives!

  2. I was hoping to join the Grid meet tomorrow but I’ll be watching Silverstone time-shifted but will join if possible.
    Looking forward to the GT6 demo.

    • I’ll do the same as last week and send you a chat invite, just join when your ready

      • Cheers Manor, will join if I can.

    • Jeez Cam, good luck trying to avoid spoilers for the BRITISH F1 Grand Prix…….I’ll be amazed if you can :P

  3. Lovely round-up, fella. I might put the feelers out and see who’s up for some Left 4 Dead 2 on the PC. I think a little 4v4 action is required soon.

    • I have it andI would very much be up for it. And by ‘it’ I mean that. And by ‘that’ I mean L4D2.

  4. Not to be nitpicky, but it’s “seravok” and not “sevarok”.
    Thanks for the mention anyway! still quite surprised that I got a mention. :D
    Keep up the good work guys!

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    28DM-LANG-A5DN Last of Us theme( I think)

    Reply if you redeemed, you should redeem if you haven’t had Plus previously
    Codes expire tomorrow 30th June.

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