Deus Ex: The Fall Won’t Work On Jailbroken Devices

Deus Ex: The Fall is the latest title in the Deus Ex franchise and it recently launched on iOS  devices for the sum of £4.99. There was some backlash when the game was first announced but that eventually died down.  However, it looks like a whole new storm is going to break.

A member of Reddit, going by the username KipEnyan, posted a screenshot on the site that contained a message that stated firing weapons was not available on jailbroken devices.


This restriction is only apparent after a person has already paid for the game. The message itself doesn’t appear until part way through the tutorial. This is also a rather presumptuous move by Square Enix who seem to believe that anyone who has jailbroken their phone,not illegal by the way, is going to download apps for free.

I could understand if this was a restriction placed in pirated copies of Deus Ex: The Fall, which would be a good choice. I mean who can forget the giant, invincible pink scorpion present in pirated copies of Serious Sam 3?  That’s fine. However  putting such a restriction in a game people have paid for, therefore rendering it useless in some cases, could be considered a serious breach of consumer rights and law.

It’s currently unclear what Square Enix will do in response to this situation. The sensible thing would be to remove the offending restriction from legitimate copies. Or offer refunds to those who bought the game and couldn’t play it.

Source: Reddit 



  1. “This restriction is only apparent after a person has already paid for the game”

    Aw shit, this will be interesting.

    • Hell yeah. This _surely_ can’t be legal.

      Jailbreaking was deemed legal in the US several years ago, so there’s at least that audience that has a claim to grievance.

      They need to be very careful, a class action lawsuit will cost them far more to defend than the loss of sales* through potentially pirated copies.

      Both my iOS devices are jailbroken, and the only time I have seen a message like this is with TomTom navigator** which says it “Doesn’t support jailbroken devices” but still works fine.

      * standard caveat of not all pirated titles = loss of sale
      ** I buy all my iOS software legitmately, including TomTom

  2. I can see if they would limit the game if the user hadn’t paid for the game on a Jailbroken device but if you have paid for it but can’t play it..

    shitstorm inc.

  3. Could be a serious test of T&Cs

  4. can you play the game without firing? Its DX so I’d have to imagine you can still beat the game with just grenades and stealth. Or does the game freeze?

    If the games unplayable they’ll have to issue refunds, you can’t knowingly sell a product that doesn’t work, its fraud.

  5. So those who really paid and have jailbroken devices will now pirate the game instead now? Logical thinking Square…

    • Exactly what I was thinking. The hacking community is smart, they’ll release a version where this is fixed and all of a sudden people who would have bought the legit version for their jailbroken device will load the pirated one because it actually works properly.

      Bad move Square.

  6. call the bullshit police!

  7. That seems quite dastardly, let’s hope they rectify it quickly.

  8. I’ll admit that I didn’t know that the AppStore even worked on Jailbroken devices, but the idea of an iOS development team not knowing that?

    A bit odd.

    Surely the only possible solution is a patch now. Unfortunately for Square, this means that the Pirates will probably be able to shoot as well, but you have to make sure your paying customers can play the product.

  9. This is getting out of hand… Just another case of DRM getting in the way of legitimate customers… This is so stupid, it makes me sad.

  10. if it only affected confirmed pirate versions, fair enough.
    but to punish people who have paid for the game because they have performed a totally legal modification to their phone, well, that’s just not on.

    at the very least, and it would be the absolute least, there should have been a warning, and i mean in bold right at the start of the description.
    but really this should not even be something that affects legitimate buyers.

    and i imagine some enterprising hacker would be able to bypass this restriction, which would mean drm once again not stopping piracy, for very long, and only affecting legitmate buyers.

    it’s not like everybody has to hack it, once it gets hacked by one person, everybody can get it.

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, drm does not stop piracy.
    in fact anything that means the pirates have a better experience than legitimate user is worse than doing nothing.

    the thing that really pisses me off, is the anti piracy videos they put on DVDs.
    the one that really annoys me is the one where they say the pirates are waiting for their film while you the legitimate buyer are enjoying yours.
    when the truth is the pirates are probably already watching while i’ve got to sit through this bullshit anti piracy video.

    if i bought the original you don’t have to tell me not to bloody pirate it.
    don’t preach to me about buying the original when i’m only watching this bloody video because i did.

    and i bet the pirates don’t have to watch half a dozen bloody trailers first either. >_<

    i bet they drive more people towards piracy with that crap than they drive away from it.

    • They changed the piracy videos a while ago though, now they say thank you for buying a legit copy. Much more positive.

      Also, good tip for DVDs; Just press stop, stop, play and it’l normally skip everything and start straight into the movie.

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