Could Deus Ex: The Fall Come To PlayStation Vita?

The internet was awash with excitement when a new Deus Ex game was teased then again with annoyance and anger after Deus Ex: The Fall was revealed to be an iOS exclusive.


The announcement trailer has had 1,200 likes and over 14,000 dislikes and the comments on TSA were also less than encouraging. When the game was released the reviews were surprisingly positive with critics praising the music, graphics and gameplay.

There was just one problem, can you guess what it is? Yep, those darned touch screen controls.

“It’s all hindered by the touchscreen controls. Movement is sluggish, and the twitchy camera and unreliable lock-on make combat feel laboured and unresponsive. Stealth in Deus Ex requires a level of finesse that these ungainly controls simply don’t provide,” said CVG.

SFX magazine also reviewed Deus Ex: The Fall and said “the game never really manages to answer the question of how you shoot and aim smoothly using only your right thumb on a touchscreen.” Fortunately the same magazine also had an interview with James Wright, producer of the game, and they asked if they had considered making the game on Vita or 3DS.

“The intention was always to create and launch on Smartphone and tablet devices, for now,” replied James.

So Square Enix are “launching” on iOS “for now” which suggests the game could hit other formats in the future.  The company is already beavering away at a number of games for PlayStation Vita including Final Fantasy X HD.

It’s possible a tweaked version of The Fall could retain all the touch screen features from the iOS game but map the movement/aiming controls to the joysticks.

Square Enix are also in dire need of some cash, porting over an already existing game to other formats is a relatively quick and easy way to gain a few bucks.

Personally I would love to play some Deus Ex on Vita, a £15 downloadable title would be just perfect, what do you think?

Source: SFX



  1. In other news, Square Enix have no intention of raising the dead. For now.

  2. I think they’d redeem themselves if they ported it to Vita. Saying that, Square aren’t a bad company, this was just a bit of a silly decision on their behalf. They’re the publishers of some of my favourite games of this generation (Just Cause 2, Sleeping Dogs) and I think they deserve a little more credit.

    What better way to get some brownie points than to support a struggling handheld with a much loved franchise?

  3. That would be nice and Vita devices doesn’t have jailbreak, so Square Enix shouldn’t have any problems with that :P

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