Deus Ex: The Fall Will Lose The Jailbreak Restriction

A couple of days ago we reported that Deus Ex: The Fall, the mobile Deus Ex game, would not work on jailbroken devices even if the game had been paid for. It was a very poor idea for DRM and was met by much criticism.

Well now Eidos Montreal have released a statement regarding the restriction and have decided to remove it. In the statement Eidos said:


“It was never our intention to impact the enjoyment or experience of our fans and legitimate customers, and so we would like to offer our sincere apologies to those affected. We agree that removing restrictions on jailbroken devices is the right thing to do – we could have handled this differently, but we hope that you won’t stay mad at us.”

The store page for Deus Ex: The Fall has been updated with a notice to say the game currently won’t work on jailbroken iPhones and iPads, and the development team are currently working to remove the restriction as soon as possible.

It’s good that Eidos and Square Enix recognised this was not a good move, though why this restriction was put in the game at all has not been clarified.

Source: Eidos Montreal



  1. “It was never our intention to impact the enjoyment or experience of our fans and legitimate customers”

    You could have thought about them in the first place.

  2. It was an odd move in the first instance, slightly suspicious even, but at least they’ve acknowledged fairly swiftly that it was wrong and are prepared to fix it.
    I’ve never really gotten into playing games on my ipad anyway but if this makes it’s way to Vita i might be interested.

  3. I think its interesting that before software was licensed to the hardware, but now they’re adding clauses that also licenses it to software on the hardware. Its legal to jailbreak, but just because you don’t want to use a certain phone carrier youre now prohibited from using some 3rd party software. I guess its the right of publishers to refuse service but I don’t understand how they can discriminate against something that’s legal.

  4. There seems to be a trend of this lately…. almost like companies are doing something dick to get free PR, then immediately reversing and saying sorry to get a second round of free PR. I have to wonder if some of this isn’t intentional.

    Obviously Microsoft are the undisputed kings of this lately (and I doubt they’re doing THAT on purpose), but recently Nintendo did the same by blocking a fighting tournament from streaming Super Mario Zelda Smash Shenanigans Thingy, then reversing that decision after backlash.

  5. In the UK jailbreaking is part of a grey area. It’s neither explicitly legal or illegal. In the US, it’s legal to jailbreak an iPhone but not an iPad I think.

    It annoys me that software developers on the App Store don’t understand jailbreaking and have the opinion of: “ALL JAILBREAKERS ARE PIRATES!”.

    BSkyB are the same with their Sky Go app. You can’t use it when using a jailbroken version of iOS. Just because you are jailbroken, it does not mean you’re a pirate. Just wish BSkyB would remove their jailbreak detection measures too…

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