Deus Ex: The Fall Is A Mobile Game, Fans Unhappy

So here is today’s big news, Deus Ex: The Fall is a mobile and tablet game! Woohoo! Check out the video above, in which two blokes sit and play the game whilst the cameraman spends plenty of time filming the back of an iPad.

Fans have reacted with polite irritation to the news, well, I say polite irritation but I mean rage-fueled hate. The top comment on the video is “This is called ‘The Fall’ because it shows how corporate mobile-loving shills are bringing down the Dues Ex franchise.”

The video has 150 likes and a rapidly rising 2,300 dislikes at time of writing. Oh dear.

Source: YouTube



  1. Unhappy is an understatement. The reaction and comments on that Youtube vid is brutal to say the least.

    I’m in the camp of ‘not a happy bunny’ as well

  2. Hear that? That’s the sound of your entire audience collectively sighing as they have no interest in playing this type of game on that type of platform. Have fun trying to reach the mobile market with a game like that.

    • I have to agree, this was completely misjudged. They’re cheapening the whole Deus Ex brand with this garbage – from the video it looks like half the assets from Human Revolution have been recycled.

      Fingers crossed they have a better announcement lined up for E3, hopefully then I’ll forget all about this.

      • I was just think about that 8 bit Deus Ex April fools joke they made, that one managed to get everyone really excited.

        How sad they release that brilliance as a joke and then actually release this :/

  3. To drag out the always-useful car analogy, this is a bit like the Aston Martin Cygnet. Sure, it might not be what Aston Martin fans want but as long as they keep making the proper cars, you can’t blame them for moving into a new market.

  4. Deary me. Never been a fan of tablet/mobile shooters and this doesn’t look to make any dramatic changes.

    Hopefully we’ll at least see a downloadable port somewhere down the line.

    • Same, never been a fan of this kind of thing.

      I just knew at the back of my mind, when this was announced, that it was going to be something like this. How god damn disappointing.

  5. How can a publisher and developer so badly misjudge their own fan base? Mobile gamers couldn’t give two hoots about Deus Ex and Deus Ex fans couldn’t give two hoots about mobile gaming.

    All they need now is to announce a kinect version.

  6. I don’t mean to sound harsh to mobile devs but this kind of game is far too deep for the platform. The methodical pace of Deus Ex and the attention to detail is better suited on traditional platforms. Hopefully its a spin off game to another entry in the franchise.

  7. Hold on… this might be great on OUYA!

    • That is a very interesting point.

      • Excellent point.. remind me when yours is actually being delivered? :P

    • “Coming soon to iPad and iPhone”. Unless I missed something, you’re out of luck with the OUYA there.

    • Ooh good point. I’ll give it a try :)

  8. How disappointing. Eidios shouldn’t have teased this, with E3 days away and next generation right around the corner they got our hopes up then completely destroyed them. If I’m honest, I wish this was the April fools and Human Defiance was real.

  9. I dont get it. Companies not allowed to make a game for mobile now?

    Surely they wouldnt get same response from releasing on DS or something like that. They want to release everywhere they can, man up people

    • You have to put yourself in our shoes. I don’t know how you feel about Killzone but if you like it, how would you feel if Shadow Fall would be an iOS only game instead something on the PS4?

    • I agree. I love metal gear but I didn’t mind that card game BS on the PSP. Not what I want from a MGS game but they subsequently released games that were so I’m fine with it.

  10. *Sigh* Can Square-Enix just sod off now please? Final Fantasy, Hitman, Tomb Raider and now Deus Ex; I’m getting bored of them screwing up such great franchises.

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