Gareth Bale Joins Messi On FIFA 14 Cover

EA has now revealed that Gareth Bale will be joining Lionel Messi on the front cover on FIFA 14 in the UK.


It isn’t too surprising that Gareth Bale has been chosen since he has had a great couple of seasons with Tottenham in the Premier League, though it’ll be interesting to see if he is still at the club before the 2013/14 season kicks off as Real Madrid seem keen to sign him.

Bale soon tweeted after the cover reveal with the hashtag “dream come true.” There’s also a video of Bale doing some motion capture for FIFA 14 which can found below.

Source: EA Sports



  1. Looks good I just wonder if he’ll be playing for spurs next season. I think it would be better for him if he does 1 more season.

  2. “Dream come true” – Never thought I’d hear Bale utter those words while still with Spurs :P

  3. I don’t think Bale would want to leave to go to La Liga, maybe he’ll go to Bayern in a few years.

  4. British players outside of the Premier League never work, if we’re talking about quality of football.
    Still, as always, nice to see such a famous Welsh player :)

  5. Was expecting Messi, Iniesta & RVP. Fairplay to Bale.

    • I’m expecting to see Suarez on the cover of PacMan.

  6. Haven’t played fifa since about 2009 edition. Wonder if you can get booked for diving as it would be fun to try and beat Bale’s 5 in a season….

  7. So every time you walk within 6 feet of your game shelf, FIFA 14 will presumably throw itself to the floor.

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