Community Chronicle: 21/07/13

Yesterday (or actually today as I write this), I made some vanilla ice cream with Maltesers rudely dropped in it. I may have put a bit too much vanilla extract in, but I’m still learning, so that’s my excuse. Seems to have come out quite well, the last time I looked (and had a sneaky spoonful). It’s both simple and really hard.

Right, enough sharing from me, it’s time for dogs!

Yes, dogs. In lieu of anyone sending in a gaming set up this week, I turn to everyone’s favourite colossalblue, better known as Peter, who many of us know got a new puppy rather recently. She’s called Winter, and she’s rather adorable. Just look:

There seems to be a little pattern to the pictures above, as Winter starts off by biting Peter’s finger, as he and Mrs C. choose her. During her first night, she decided she wanted to see what Bobby’s bed (CB’s other dog) tasted of, with Bobby having a quick snoop around her house training crate and bed, whilst she was off playing.

After a long hard shift of energetic biting, Winter fell asleep in her bed, then fell out and was so tired she didn’t even wake up for the fourth photo!

Isn’t she cute?

Next week, we’ll probably be back to gaming machines (although, feel free to send kittens and puppies if you prefer). Please do help out and share your set ups by getting in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just sending an email out of the blue to [email protected] If you do the latter, don’t forget to chuck your TSA ID in there, so I know who you are!

This recent heatwave has fried a PS3 and frazzled many a TSA member this past week, and as a consequence it feels like people have been shying away from their machines, and polishing off games. I myself have only really zipped through the lovely Gunpoint on PC, because it wasn’t causing my PC to add extra heat to my room!

Yet we do have a little progress, as wolf-OF-chaos managed to platinum Battlefield 3, with the 100% from DLC the next target in his sights. Meanwhile Youles went back to Guacamelee to do just that, and got 100% of the trophies once more.

Bambo_19 was pleasantly surprised by Velocity Ultra, a game which he would never have played were it not for PS+, enjoying it to the extent that he pushed through some of the particularly tough challenges it threw his way in order to perfect Zone 50 and platinum the title. Sticking with Vita games, element666 got his 90th platinum with NFS: Most Wanted, but sadly didn’t seem to enjoy his run through of The Last of Us all that much.

R1MJAW managed to best a somewhat glitchy trophy in GRID 2 to grab his 85th platinum, and ron_mcphatty stayed out of the sun to play a game drenched by digital sun, completing Far Cry 3.

There’s also a little accoldae which I missed last week, where Samiro05 posted his claim for Time and Eternity’s fastest platinum, after I’d finished writing the post.

However, we round things off with something even further back, since it turns out that Taylor Made has just returned from his honeymoon. He got married a fortnight back, and didn’t tell any of us! I’m sure we can all forgive him. Congratulations!

That’s almost your lot, but you can head over to page two for the fastest platinums board. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. I did get plenty of real sun too this week, but thanks for the mention :) The puppy is very cute Peter, hope she’s behaving!

  2. If anyone knows how to attach stuff in gmail on Chrome using windows 8 it would be much appreciated.

    • Is it much different to using gmail on Chrome in Windows 7?
      I use gmail on Win7 with Chrome and it’s just the usual paper clip icon on the bottom of Compose new message window bar that let’s you attach anything you want.

      • Gorgeous puppy btw, she’ll still look cute fully grown

      • Yeah, everything has to be made for touch screens now instead of just a regular mouse.

      • Using Gmail through a browser isn’t any different though no matter which browser you use, or what OS…

        Seriously, just today I’ve used it on Win 8, Vista and Ubuntu, all the same.

        It is different on mobile browsers though.

      • Cool, so just use the toolbar on the bottom of the Compose message window there’s a paper clip icon to attach files with in that toolbar as I mentioned ;)

  3. Lovely dog. I miss mine being a puppy now.

    • Put them in the wash on a high temperature. That should shrink them down a bit.

  4. love the 2 dogs cb is the pup doing the older ones head in yet? very cute pup

    • yeah, he keeps looking at me and I know he’s thinking “why did you bring this home?”

  5. Thanks Tef, it’s the best achievement

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