God Of War Teaser Was About Multiplayer Co-Op Weapons

Earlier today we reported that Sony Santa Monica were teasing some form of new content for God Of War. The teaser wasn’t for single player DLC or new maps. Instead it was teasing the Mythological Heroes Weapons pack for multiplayer, all of which trigger co-op attacks. The Mythological Heroes Armor pack, which was a pre-order bonus, will also be available along side this weapons pack.


There are four weapons in this pack with ten possible for combos, including the Sword of Orion, Sword of Perseus, Hammer of Odysseus and the Spear of Achilles. Only one member of the team needs to have a weapon equipped, then when the special ability is triggered the partners must tether themselves to each other to execute the move.

The pack isn’t on the European SEN store yet and the post doesn’t mention a price but it will be coming this week.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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  1. Meh. Should have been at least a proper map-pack.

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