Basement Crawl Announced For PS4

Bloober Games has announced a new title for the PS4 called Basement Crawl, and if the character models are anything to go by, it’ll be pretty weird. The game is supposed to be a maze base action game, taking inspiration from such games as the classic Bomberman.

Players will have to navigate the mazes to take out each other by setting traps while trying to avoid them. The game will allow 4 player local and 8 player online multiplayer, though there are also plans to mix the two together. A single player mode will also feature, but the Basement Crawl has been designed for multiplayer. There also won’t be any levelling up, with players instead having to use their own skills to face each challenge. There, hopefully, should be unlocks based on some stats, like number of kills, to gain new traps.

Now for the creepy looking character art featuring a clown, a crash test dummy and a teddy bear.

There’s no release date for Basement Crawl at the moment, but the idea is interesting.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. I saw those pics earlier today but didn’t bother reading the article as I thought they were so weird they could be fake.

  2. use to like bomberman but found the new ones limitid, might try this for the right price

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