Xbox One Unboxing Video, Now Includes Headset

Barely an hour ago had I written “The Xbox One will ship without a headset” and lo and behold, Microsoft have made another U-turn and now the Xbox One will ship with a headset.

A new unboxing video from Major Nelson shows the headset, a rather chunky power brick and the day one edition controller with a chrome effect d-pad which is “hot!”

The headset is confirmed for both the day one and the standard Xbox One packs. The box will also include a 4K HDMI cable and a terribly exciting Xbox One sticker.

Larry also revealed the power button for the Xbox One which, once pressed, lights up and makes a twinkling sound.

Source: YouTube



  1. Now we wait for nothing to be behind that pay wall if this pattern is to be believed.

  2. Is it selfish that I kind of wanted the XBone to be completely outclassed by PS4? It’s becoming more and more of an even match now.

    • Competition breeds innovation and one upmanship.

      Dominance brings a monopoly and stagnation/higher prices.

      But lets not kid ourselves MS don’t have the advantage of 1 year/cheaper price this time and the Sony ps3 architecture faux paux.

      This time it’s WAR. and the gamers will win. And credit card companies….

  3. Sorry to notice this but that chap’s wedding band is utterly, utterly, UTTERLY effing hideous! Have you seen it up close when he’s going through the ports? Do not trust this man with things he says “looks good/cool/hot” when he’s wearing something I wouldn’t design for a headless Cabbage Patch Doll.

    • Must say that I didn’t look at this guy’s ring. I imagine that it’s not something I’d find attractive.

    • Its got likkle diamonds studded in it. No white man should ever wear anything diamond studded.

  4. Woah! There’s a sticker in the box! A sticker!

  5. Hey!its a black brick…with another black brick.

    Who knew?

    Games please. ;)

  6. It is a bit of a joke how anti-xbox this site has become. There is a trend of any ‘good news is bad news’.

    So I remember when this site would rip into the xbox for not having a headset, yet now that it’s just been announced it will have a headset, thesixthaxis still mocks.

    Not good journalism imo

    • I missed how this article is ‘mocking’?

      Besides which, microsoft aren’t really helping themselves with all this “It won’t do this/you can’t do this” & then “oh wait, look – It/you can!”.

      I mean, fair play if they are actually taking feedback on board & changing things as required, but they don’t help themselves to announce something ‘definite’ & then backtrack as they have been doing.

      • Agreed, the feedback from posters is often mocking (quite deservedly at times) but the article, no. Can’t blame TSA for people having opinions.

      • Agree with Forrest – any recent mocking (if any) has been directed at the way MS and their recent PR, backtracking fuck ups. And Sony has previously had criticism when it’s been due, like Sony’s previously bad advertising, the constant maintenance etc, and lack of cross game chat.

        Anyway, that’s one ugly fucking console!

      • “All content should be considered opinion” – says we do at the bottom of every single page.

    • I can’t of agree with Embo1 but at the same time, its actually funny to watch Microsoft totally go back on their original decisions, which is why most people are mocking them.

    • The only part of this which is “mocking” is the sticker and the twinkly on button which quite frankly needed a good mock, it sounds like your turning on My Little Pony rather than a mega console.

      Wait, that reads wrong.

      All the rest of it is fact, including the “Hot” chrome effect. Rest assured if the PS4 comes with a sticker I shall mock it as well.

      • I love that sticker, it’s so shiny!

      • It’s HOT!

      • We should have a “mock of the week.” :) Not that this article displays any mocking imo.

      • For legal reasons, call it something different… U turn of the week?

    • 1. This site started out with a PlayStation focus and has not forgotten that, naturally it reports more PS news than anything else.
      2. Tuffcub makes all news articles funny, regardless of which company it is about.
      3. It’s Microsoft who is all over the place strategy wise, making it very easy to poke fun at. Do you want TSA to praise them like angels when they fix problems that should have never happened in the first place?

      Back on the topic of the article, I’m surprised the XO requires a power brick, its on the large size and the power draw is substantially less than the 360 I think… Although to be fair they are a software company making hardware.

  7. Does it also come with a ps4 because that’s the only reason i’d buy one. Jokes. Hope they change their minds about some of those features locked away behind the golden wall too.

  8. So basically Microsoft are now doing exactly what Sony are doing so they aren’t left behind lol. Classic

    • Look at the size of that power brick, I mean for christ sake, thats like another console in itself.

  9. Stubborn if they don’t change their minds, panicking & backtracking if they do. MS cant win.

    • They should get it right first time, not try and see what they can get away with and then back track.

  10. Still a really ugly console. You have an ugly black brick powered by another black brick, and you have to put another black brick on top of your TV for kinect.

    On the plus side the headset included looks a lot better than what will come with the PS4.

    • Yea, ps4 headset is a bit rubbish to be fair.

      • X Box One – It only does everything…. that Sony does.

      • Everything. For a price.

    • I’ll ue my 7.1 Official PS3 headset on mine :)

    • You really think so? I think the console looks good, sleek and simple, I hate the look of the PS4, it looks like some one was making a cake but but did the layers wrong.

      The headset does look better that the PS4 one but that’s not exactly hard but I looks ugly to the 360 headset, I don’t understand why they changed it. I guess it was just so they could have a different connector and then selling the adaptors for the 360 one.

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