Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer “Targeting 60fps”

Guerrilla Games lead designer, Eric Boltjes, who is currently working on the rather impressive PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone Shadow Fall, has revealed – via a twitter exchange – that the game’s multiplayer will, ideally, be running at a super smooth 60 frames-per-second.

“Yes it is true we are targeting 60fps for the Multiplayer” he said, when asked to confirm earlier reports coming out of Gamescom. Boltjes also confirmed that the game’s single player campaign mode, perhaps surprisingly, will only run at 30fps.



  1. they shouldn’t be aiming at 60fps, this should be the minimum for next gen. A little worrying. Even SP is at 30fps.

    • Perhaps they’ll come out and say that the new architecture is difficult to code for.

    • Theres an argument that 30fps, while not as slick as 60fps, is more cinematic looking. I’m not sure whether I agree, but there was an uproar in the film world when the hobbit film went at 48fps rather than 24, so some people believe in it, including I’m sure game art directors.

      having SP as 30fps and MP 60fps is the most justifiable decision for Guerilla to make in my opinion. Killzone has struggled with input lag and 60fps will definitely improve it.

    • No matter how fast your CPU/GPU is, at 30FPS you have twice as many cycles to work with as you do with 60FPS. That means more polygons, more particles, more light sources, more post-processing and so on. Going 60FPS means either giving up on those extras.

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    Come on everyone, what ‘targets’ do you have… ?

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  3. As long as the frame rate is consistent that’s all that matters for me, on a console everybody is on a level playing field so nobody will have an advantage.

  4. I thought after all the boasts of huge increases in RAM etc that 60fps would be a given for all next gen games (X1 & ps4).

    • RAM size is not an important factor in FPS, ultimately, its the speed of the GPU: being able to render a frame every 16 thousandths of a seconds, rather than in 33 thousandths in 30fps.

      • That’s what the “etc” was. I don’t know all the tech speak but when I hear things like “8 times more powerful” I’m surprised that 60fps isn’t standard.

      • Ah, sorry about that, as for 60fps being standard, I’ve mentioned a possible reason above in another comment.

  5. 60 FPS Killzone isn’t too important given its sludge-like (but still awesome) gameplay. 30 FPS DriveClub however is criminal and needs to be sorted before launch

  6. All this extra power and still developers cant manage 60 FPS???

  7. God its depressing hear you all moan about numbers and gfx. The only thing that matters, surely, comes down to is it fun. GOD!

  8. Feck, let’s concentrate on multiplayer again and sacrifice single player quality (and before I get the whole “No they’re not”, online 60fps, offline 30fps, nuff said)! Pity I’m not going to be playing online because I refuse to to pay to play online on principle.

  9. I’m personally not overly concerned with the difference in FPS, it’s possible due to everyone up in arms about it. Ok, 60 FPS should be a target for all titles, but I certainly don’t see it as the be all and end all, certainly not something to get angry about.

    I’m really looking forward to this game and hope the game play as well as it looks

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