Podcast: Episode 111 – Gamescom, Spelunky and Rust and Bone

Well, this is awkward. Kris and Kev were both away this week and the levels of organisation that Lewis and myself put into the podcast don’t amount to enough that we’d actually make a note of anything we talk about. Luckily, there’s a vague email thread in which we mentioned some of the things we’d done this week so I’ll patch this post together from that scant information.

In another stroke of luck, we had Stefan (that’s teflon to you and me) on with news of his trip to Gamescom so there’s plenty of chat about games and the future of consoles.

I spoke about Rayman Legends and Spelunky, Lewis told us about Broken and Rust and Bone (which sounds suspiciously porn-like) and tef had word of Mad Max, Total War Rome II and more. It was glorious.

Hopefully next week we’ll pay a bit more attention.

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  1. Back to Rayman Legends on Vita: are those lacking level, crucial to the story of the game or are those only bonus levels, to play after the main story is finished? I’m asking because I really want to buy it on PSV (just like I bought Origins), but the recent news about cut out levels makes me confused and worried.

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