Xbox One Gets Last Minute CPU Boost

The Xbox One has finally entered full production, and the CPU clock speed has been boosted from 1.6GHz to 1.75GHz, as revealed by Xbox chief marketing officer Yusef Mehdi.

Speaking at Citi Global Technology Conference, Mehdi confirmed that the Xbox One is on target for a November release (at least in some countries), though he would not reveal a specific release date for the system.

He believes that the system is “really going to shine” and said that this “will be the biggest launch” that Microsoft have ever done in terms of units shipped.

The PS4 CPU speed is not known, though we do know that the system will support 8GB of DDR5 RAM as well as an 8 core CPU. Sony’s system launches on November 15th in the US and November 29th in Europe, so it’ll be interesting to see where Microsoft’s release date fits in.

Source: GeekWire



  1. they said there GPU was 6.62% improved a month or so ago 53Mhz is what that means. Changing things and tweaking this late? This may reinforce the speculation that MS definitely were caught off guard by the PS4 and may have rushed this console somewhat.

    • Confirms that Microsoft acknowledge the Xbox One is seriously underpowered compared to the PS4

      I wonder what these hardware changes will go to noise and reliability?

  2. Isn’t it GDDR5 not DDR5? and roll on November :)

  3. Considering early 360 reliability issues colour me wary of the XB1 considering they’re still making changes 2-3 months from release.
    Won’t touch the concise until its been proven reliable (and I’m not forced to fork out for kinect)

  4. @ the people worrying about noise and reliability of the XB1. I think it is a non issue. The underlying hardware in both the xbox1 and ps4, aside from the tweaks, is essentially an AMD chip which is built for running up to 2ghz. Also it is laptop hardware, designed to run in a tiny form factor (one of the reasons the ps4 is so nice and small) MS however have taken it the otherway and produced a fairly (very) large case with a monster cooler, which if anything is overkill. This is great news as means it will be nice and quiet. Even with this speed boost it is still well within the envelope of the AMD chip.

    As for massively underpowered compared to the ps4….. time will tell. On the surface it certainly has a disadvantage but MS do seem to have tinkered more with the basic AMD chip than Sony have (which MAY mean some hidden performance, but also possibly means harder to get the most out of it).

    this CPU boost, like the GPU boost is probably not going to offer massive improvements, but every frame helps. Truth is chances are these consoles will ultimately be much of a muchness, imo it will be down to whether you want the motion control (if you do, better to have a console which offers it to everyone as it is more likely to be supported), whether you want all the TV bumpf, and ultimately which has the exclusive IPs you want.

    Me, I am happy to sit on the fence, use my PC and then maybe pick up a console when i know which looks the best in the wild and i can get a nice bundle.

    • I was going to say, if they are overclocking a chip it would be a recipe for disaster, but if they ate sandbagging it, I doubt there will be issues.

      I seriously doubt M$ would make a console with overheating issues again, it will have a plague of different problems this generation ;-)

    • Totally agree with you, and it won’t be until much later on in the gen when devs are pushing the consoles to squeeze out every last drop of power will we really see if the xbox is underpowered.

      I’m also leaning towards sticking with my pc and ps3 for a few months to see what the ps4’s second set of games is like too. But the lure of some next gen exclusives might just be too great!

  5. Don’t care, just want a release date!

  6. Considering the Jaguar are very low power in nature I thought 1.8-2.0GHz would be possible. Looks like Microsoft is reluctant to be aggressive to bridge the performance gap after what happened with the 360, which I suppose is good for the first adopters.

  7. Hmm,not sure how I feel about this. Such a small change in CPU speeds probably won’t improve performance much, but may also increase heat and failure rates.
    At this point, I don’t really care, I just want my new console! :)

    • As a few comments above have mentioned, there’s not a whole load of worry with the clock speed. With plenty of RAM things pan out and developers can relatively shift assets between CPU and RAM, so there won’t be limits for years.

      The important thing about both consoles is that they’re both balanced systems. Should make for some brilliant stuff.

  8. Get ready for RRoD 2.0 ;)

  9. There’s also been reports that the X1 could feature a powerful discrete GPU. A “super fast discrete graphics core stacked inside the main SOC itself ( based on the Volcanic Islands architecture, which will be officially announced during the last week of September.
    The X1 is already more complicated to code for with the ESRAM than the PS4 but if true it will be a even more so, but would also give it a big boost in ‘horsepower’.

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