Mortal Kombat Legacy 2 Hits YouTube Later This Month

Full-season launching in a couple of weeks.

Warner Bros. has confirmed that season two of Mortal Kombat: Legacy will go live on September 26th, available via the Machinima YouTube channel.

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen, the follow-up stars actors Harry Shum Jr. and Casper Van Dien as MK mainstays Kuai Lang (Sub-Zero) and Johnny Cage respectively.

Where series one was focused on origin stories, this second instalment will centre on the iconic fighting tournament itself and will hopefully be even more action-packed.

Luckily for binge viewers, Machinima will launch the entire series in full without lengthy gaps between episodes.


  1. Great news!
    Watched the 1st series at least 3 times

  2. can’t wait to watch this, especially with Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa playing Shang Tsung.

  3. YES the original Shand Tsung from the first movie is back.

    I remember watching that movie so many times when I was younger, it’s what got me into MK and I absolutely love the franchise now. Hopefully this means that the rumoured new movie – which is based after MK Legacy 2 – will coincide with the release of the next Mortal Kombat game.

    • Shang*

      Damn keyboard.

      Oh, and it’s nice to see that take on Lui Kang. Should make for an interesting story.

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