TSAtv Newsdesk #13: PS Vita TV, PS4 in Japan, & New Ubisoft Games

It’s just been Friday the 13th, and now here we are with Newsdesk number 13 – coincidence? I think not! Anyway, there’s plenty on the show this week, with all the news from Sony’s Japanese press conference and Ubisoft’s Digital Days showing, as well as news on Steam library sharing, new games set in the world of Harry Potter and DC Comics, and a shake-up at Burnout creators Criterion Games.


Then there’s the UK games chart, details on the developer sessions at EGX later in the month, and there might even be something at the end of the show for those looking forward to Tuesday’s release of GTA V. As ever, we hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to leave us feedback here in the comments, over on Twitter or Facebook.



  1. Great video, really like these Newsdesk posts.

    One thing though, only the 5S is 64 bit I think? The 5C uses the same A6 as the 5 which isn’t 64 bit if I’m remembering correctly.

    • Nailed it. The 5S has the new A7 chip, using ARMv8 instructions and 64-bit, which help it to churn through cryptographic calculations for the finger print stuff.

      The 5C is the 5 wrapped up in plastic, so none of the new CPU developments.

  2. Another cracking Newsdesk with a very tempting mention of a spoiler free GTA review, almost carrot-on-stick-esque.

  3. I have to say, Newsdesk is much better than anything that Gametrailers pump out. Great job guys :)

  4. Why can I not find this episode through YouTube itself?

    • Because there’s no way to schedule a switch from being unlisted to public on YouTube, and we keep forgetting. That’s why. It’s YouTube’s fault. ;)

      • God forbid two or more of you have TSA’s log-in details for YouTube. ;-)

      • Note the “we”.

    • I know, it’s odd. I find i have to wait a day or more before the newsdesk videos show up on thesixthaxis youtube channel, even if i do a search.

      Great newsdesk again guys and i’m looking forwrd to the GTA V review tomorrow.

    • Sorry guys, Newsdesk is normally finished and uploaded in the early hours, and I spend all of Sunday at work usually (and obviously posting time can vary too), so it’s just a case of which of us gets there first to flick it public. As Tef says, there’s no way to schedule that sort of thing unfortunately. Sorry!

  5. Every episode has something that I’ve missed during the week. Excellent!

  6. Great Newsdesk as usual ;)

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