GAME Reveal Their PS4 Bundles

GAME have emailed customers who hold a “phase one”, or launch day pre-order for Sony’s PS4, and detailed the packages the store will be offering on November 29th.

The email confirms day-one availability for those who pre-ordered prior to August 6th and  also offers a selection of six bundles which GAME are now allowing customers to add to their order. The bundles, which are not available via the GAME website at the moment, are as follows:

Option 1) £399.99 – PlayStation 4 & Killzone: Shadowfall
Option 2) £399.99 – PlayStation 4 & Watch Dogs
Option 3) £449.99 – PlayStation 4, Killzone: Shadowfall, PS Eye & extra DualShock 4
Option 4) £439.99 – PlayStation 4, Killzone: Shadowfall & DriveClub
Option 5) £399.99 – PlayStation 4 & FIFA 14
Option 6) £409.99 – PlayStation 4 & Call Of Duty: Ghosts

GAME are promising all customers with pre-orders placed after August 6th will get their console in time for Christmas, although exactly when is currently unknown.

Availabilty of these bundles in store at any point before then is expected to be extremely limited.


Personally, the Killzone, Camera and extra DualShock bundle still seems the best option to me, even with GAME’s pricing being slightly higher than expected.

What about you? Do any of these newly revealed packages take your fancy?

Thanks to Michael Warren, via Twitter for the info.



  1. Option 4) £439.99 – PlayStation 4, Killzone: Shadowfall & DriveClub

    This looks good.

    • Not really. For £10 more, you can get an extra controller and the camera. Everyone gets Driveclub with PS+ anyway.

      • Well it’s Driveclub ‘PS+ Edition’ so don’t expect the full game.

      • Driveclub PS+ Edition is the same game, less a few cars etc. You’ll probably be able to upgrade to the Premium Edition for a drastically reduced price.

  2. GAME… Where buying a bundle costs more than buying everything separately. Hope Amazon bundles are more reasonable.

    • Too true. Hopefully Amazon will indeed be better. No trade ins… but still.

      • Seconded. Currently on Amazon I’ve ordered the console, extra controller, camera, charging dock, vertical stand, Knack, Killzone and Watch Dogs, sitting pretty at a total of £635.95. Hoping to save at least fifty quid once the bundles appear!

  3. Hold on, so they have already upped the price on Option 3 by £20? Cheeky fuckers

  4. Got my e-mail this afternoon, happy days!

    I want:
    Option 1) £399.99 – PlayStation 4 & Killzone: Shadowfall
    But I also want a spare controller. Considering they cost £55 it’s probably better to go for:
    Option 3) £449.99 – PlayStation 4, Killzone: Shadowfall, PS Eye & extra DualShock 4
    Even though don’t want that sodding camera as it’s still cheaper than option 1 + a controller.

    At least I can leave it in the box and forget about it. Now just to await the call. Good to have confirmation I’m “phase 1” with guaranteed delivery

    • If you don’t want it and will never use it you can always just sell it on for £50 or so.

    • Trade it straight back to Game & get some money towards another game. I’ve done that tonnes of times.

  5. I preordered before 6th August but sadly no emails for me as of yet :(

    • Ordered mine 20 minutes after the E3 conference and no email. Game have screwed me before so I’m now a little worried

      • I ordered mine in store the morning after E3 and i got the email at 12 today,suppose it depends on the store and the amount of people ordering and stock,don’t know about orders placed online.

  6. Mad prices. If Amazon do the same then I’ll buy separately and save money.

  7. Hopefully amazon does this with the bundle, put day one people first for this deal. Fuck game scumbags for their bump price, how the fuck is the ps4 & FIFA deal differ from ps4 & KZ

    • What do you mean?

      • Lol either I misread FIFA for cod or it’s been corrected.

  8. Annoyed that the Mega bundle is more expensive everywhere than Sony suggested. Its £450 at Argos as well. Wish I’d ordered it elsewhere than GAME now. Damn credit…

  9. I’m sure the FIFA and COD bundles will sell well, but I’m surprised only 1 bundle has an extra controller.

    • As far too many devs seem to believe nowadays, they obviously think noone plays local multiplayer anymore.

      • I don’t really play local multi, but rotate controllers when they run out of battery, so always got one charged up.

      • I agree, ‘couch co-op’ is so much fun.
        Come to think of it, are there many games at launch which support split screen co-op? FIFA, COD and Knack are the only ones that spring to mind. Killzone, Watch Dogs, Ryse etc are all single player I think.

  10. I’m waiting for Gamestop to show their hand .. only thing is i’ll be away next week if they try to contact me about an upgrade :(

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