Call Of Duty: Ghosts Has A 50GB Install On PS4

The Call of Duty box sleeve, leaked by twitter user B4d_HabiT shows that the game requires 49GB of space “minimum” on the PS4’s hard drive for an install.


Now, that’s quite big – the largest install I’ve seen this generation was about 10GB, so why does CoD: Ghosts need to install the full game on the hard drive?

If all games are going to be like this, it will mean you can only have ten games on your PS4 before needing to upgrade to a bigger hard drive, and even then you won’t be able get your full games collection on there.

I think I’ll buy Ghosts on the PS3, and do the upgrade to the downloadable PS4 version, as no matter what it seems as though 50GB or so will be required to play the game on Sony’s new machine.

Let’s hope that all of the PS4’s mandatory installs aren’t as big as this.

Source: twitter, via DualShockers



  1. Do you not need double the space for some installs?
    49gb minimum may only be a 25gb net hdd usage.

    • No. That’s only for downloads where it unpacks from the download file. Ghosts needs at least 49gb and I’d imagine this will be the norm.

    • That is a limitation of the PS3 OS. On PS Vita double space is not needed, so I hope it isn’t on PS4 either.

  2. And that’s the minimum (“minimo” in the photo) ! What is this ? A secret cache of all of Wikileaks files ? All the intelligence information Snowden has on his hard drive ? 70000×70000 backgrounds graphics ? Huge uncompressed video files ? The more I think about it …

  3. I think this will be one of the leading arguments against a full digital gaming world. Even with internet speeds slowly bumping upwards on all continents we will not reach an acceptable download speed that is comfortable. If that wasn’t enough than this is: having 50GB installs will change things. In a world where we talk constantly about plug&play and connectivity it will not be accepted to only have 10-15 games on your console.
    So I guess this next-gen and the generation after that will still be safe from digital-only world.

  4. if installs are going to be this big, I can’t see many actually wanting to do it this way. I was actually thinking of doing it until recently. With GTA graphics not being as good and the HUGE installs, there seems little point.

    • What do you mean ‘wanting’ to do this? This is mandatory, and probably will be on Xbox One as well.

  5. I think this is rather shocking if it’s not even the downloaded version of the game. Surely buying it on a disc means u play the game off the disc??

    I have a 1TB drive in the ps3 and that’s filling up with plus games. If the installs near that size are standard on ps4 you’ll soon fill up a 1TB.

    Ah, sometimes I long for the days when all u needed was an 8mb memory card that u could take to any ps2…..

  6. Between bf4 cod and kz I will never complain about total war games being 25gb+ again. I know some of you guy have pre ordered the nextgen I hope you change to an isp with unlimited usage.

  7. Call of Duty is just destroying specs on everything out there. PC needs 6GB of RAM (seriously, no game I’ve played ever needed more than 2GB, why does this need 6GB?!) and 40GB hard drive space, but only a processor from 2008 and a GPU from 2010, and now this.

    At least the PS4 can have a new hard drive installed, Xbox One is 500GB only. First thing I do when I get the PS4, immediately rip out the hard drive and put a 1TB in there. Even my PS3 has a 750GB and thats full!

  8. IGN states in a comparison guide of the available and unavailable features of the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U that the PS4 will not require mandatory installs, while the Xbox One does require mandatory installs and the Wii U does not. This is believed to be the case as the Xbox One will only be running the PS3’s Blu-Ray drive, which is at a speed of x2, while the PS4’s Blu-Ray drive runs at a speed of x6 and can therefore stream the data from the disc more efficiently.

    You can find IGN’s comparison guide at

    Point being, why on Earth would Call of Duty: Ghosts require a 49GB install on any console, unless it is a misprint or it is referring to the upgrade scheme from the PS3 to the PS4 versions involving a download of the PS4 version? What does everyone think?

  9. 50GB? WTF. I don’t want to waste that much storage on the HDD, I might as well download the game then, saves me inserting the disc every time I want to play.

  10. I hope this isn’t common on next gen consoles.

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