Call Of Duty: Ghosts Has A 50GB Install On PS4

The Call of Duty box sleeve, leaked by twitter user B4d_HabiT shows that the game requires 49GB of space “minimum” on the PS4’s hard drive for an install.


Now, that’s quite big – the largest install I’ve seen this generation was about 10GB, so why does CoD: Ghosts need to install the full game on the hard drive?

If all games are going to be like this, it will mean you can only have ten games on your PS4 before needing to upgrade to a bigger hard drive, and even then you won’t be able get your full games collection on there.

I think I’ll buy Ghosts on the PS3, and do the upgrade to the downloadable PS4 version, as no matter what it seems as though 50GB or so will be required to play the game on Sony’s new machine.

Let’s hope that all of the PS4’s mandatory installs aren’t as big as this.

Source: twitter, via DualShockers



  1. Damn, I was hoping to put an SSD into my PS4, looks like its not an option with this kind of disk usage. Inversely the SSD in my PS3 doesn’t get near as much use as I’d like, very few current games make use of the HDD.

  2. The one question that remains unanswered is whether or not Sony has implemented quad-layer Blu-ray capabilities within the PS4, or if they’ve decided to lock it to (dual-layer BD’s) 50GB max for the sake of digital distribution?


  3. Read some more about this –

    This is so ludicrous, it’s seems like a very good reason to wait and see what the Steam Machine console from Valve is going to offer. I’ve heard no mention of huge download sizes there.

  4. I thought sony said full installs arn’t mandatory on the
    PS4 and Microsoft said XB1 was mandatory. Anyone else notice that XB1 iconic sliver of green sitting right behind the top corner of the front side of the jacket?

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