Call Of Duty: Ghosts Has A 50GB Install On PS4

The Call of Duty box sleeve, leaked by twitter user B4d_HabiT shows that the game requires 49GB of space “minimum” on the PS4’s hard drive for an install.


Now, that’s quite big – the largest install I’ve seen this generation was about 10GB, so why does CoD: Ghosts need to install the full game on the hard drive?

If all games are going to be like this, it will mean you can only have ten games on your PS4 before needing to upgrade to a bigger hard drive, and even then you won’t be able get your full games collection on there.

I think I’ll buy Ghosts on the PS3, and do the upgrade to the downloadable PS4 version, as no matter what it seems as though 50GB or so will be required to play the game on Sony’s new machine.

Let’s hope that all of the PS4’s mandatory installs aren’t as big as this.

Source: twitter, via DualShockers



  1. “so why does CoD: Ghosts need to install the full game on the hard drive?”

    I assumed the PS4, like the Xbox One, installs the full thing on most/all games. There’ll be a smaller install at first, then the rest will install as you play. I got the impression from the reveal that PS4 games don’t run from the Blu-ray at all.

    • Yeah. Reading the recent KZ previews point to a wait whilst the first 7.5GB is installed, then you can play whilst the rest installs.

    • I have nod idea how this works because I’m sure The Last of Us ran purely off the disc and that was a huge game. Then theres the fact PS3 uses a 2x Blu Ray drive. HOW DOES TECH WORK?

      • The last of us took an age and a day to load though personally I would rather wait for one big install once.

      • I sold my hard copy of Last Of Us and bought digital due to performance issues with the disc. Digital worked perfectly

  2. Well that’s quite fucking annoying as I bloody hate reinstalling stuff just to have a quick burn on something, it usually means I don’t bother. It’s gonna be quite annoying if your games aren’t going to be so easily accessible (even waiting for a 7.5gb install).

  3. I thought complete installs like this were optional, and only a smaller install, as some games do now, would be mandatory?

  4. Cool, saves wear on the optical drive. I’ve no problem with this as I never have more than five games on the go anyways

  5. I’ve seen a few people say they aren’t going to buy as many games next gen, I think these huge installs will help them keep to that.

  6. Any word on how big the PS3’s install will be? I’m guessing considerably smaller with the lower-res textures…

  7. I thought KZ played straight from the disk, no install necessary. The “play after 7g has installed” stuff is only if you buy the game digitally. It seems like IW has screwed up the development of Ghosts and have to do a massive install so that it can run… I think it’s a mess.

    I bet BF4 runs from disk. I’m gonna give COD a miss this time round, besides it looks dreadful, even on a PS4.

    • KZ needs an install, one that apparently only takes a few minutes.

  8. Does this even mean a 49GB install? Is it not possible that it simply means you need at least 49GB free, maybe for caching purposes?

    I’m just shocked by the thoughts of a 50GB install for next gen games, I stuck with the standard 120GB PS3 HDD and managed fine, however, will I be able to this time?

    • It says MINIMUM 49gb. Assume dlc etc on top of that.

  9. It would be good to get confirmation on other game install sizes such as Killzone: Shadowfall, Driveclub, Assassins Creed 4 etc.

    This would be an annoyance if every game had such a large install.

  10. have Sony actually made any official statement about whether games need to be installed or not yet?

    uninstalling and reinstalling would be a pain, especially if i want to go back and play some of your older games.
    something i like to do occasionally.

    • Yes, installs are mandatory, but it won’t be a pain to revisit old games because it installs while you play.

      • Eurogamer (from a few months back):

        “Bearing in mind that the Blu-ray drive on both systems gives up to 50GB of potential storage for games and that installation is mandatory on both consoles, that hard drive could fill up very, very quickly.”

        A lot of sites didn’t actually report this so it feels a bit “oh, really?” to many of us.

        If that’s the case, no real problem. Just something we all need to plan ahead for.

      • Forgot to say. One other site mentioned mandatory full installs.

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