More PS4 Firmware Update 1.50 Features Spill Out

Anyone who has been with PlayStation throughout a significant portion of its third generation will no doubt find a delicious irony in the fact that there are firmware updates before the thing is even available to buy. I was personally hoping for security and stability to be the sole purpose of this update but it seems that there were a number of handy new features included – y’know, for when you’re actually able to use the thing.

A post has gone up on GAF confirming a number of things we’ve heard faint mutterings about being added to the operating system of Sony’s next generation.

Did you want lots more customisation options in the way your notifications appear? Well, Sony has you covered. The new update adds lots of toggles so you can choose whether to be told about complete downloads, friends, messages and the like. Each one can be on or off independently.

There’s also a new option to turn off the delightful background music in the OS and another option to adjust the safe zone (over- or under-scan) of the operating system display.

Finally, for what we’ve had confirmed, there’s the option to change how the Share button behaves. It has three states: press, hold and double-tap. You can choose which of those three states will take a screenshot, which will start and stop video recording and which will bring up the menu. So, you could set it to press for a screenshot and double-tap for video recording or vice versa. Sounds nicely customisable to how you want to most make use of the new Share functions.



  1. I am still crying over no DLNA support. Really can’t see myself buying a PS4 at this point 50% of my PS3 usage is for media :(

    • Ditto. I can live without everything else but not DLNA. Have sold my preorder voucher to a friend and will wait.. Next gen is clearly not ready.

      • I’m cancelling my PS4 because I can’t play my Bannanarama greatest hits YEAH RIGHT :D

      • I’m incredibly disappointed by this, it’s completely surprised me. I just assumed it would be in there. Without it, it becomes really difficult to justify replacing my PS3 with a PS4, as for my needs it almost balances out as a downgrade without DLNA.

      • For me it’s the games that matter just like they have with all consoles i’ve owned,just keep your PS3 for the other bits an bobs you want or even buy an XBox One me personally I’ll be happy playing games on my PS4.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I buy a console for the games too. However, over recent years I’ve used my PS3 for everything media related. It’s become the center of all video consumption. By removing my ability to do this with PS4, the situation becomes more complicated.

        Thankfully I believe my TV has DLNA and I can use that, I just need to get HDMI ARC setup, sigh.

      • Don’t get me wrong the other bits an bobs are bonuses,but I couldn’t name the last time I used my PS3 for anything other than gaming it’s been a while,also as seen in the other article a lot of these features where not on the PS3 at launch and where patched in later it also says on twitter they said they’ll mention it to the devs,so who knows it’ll probably get patched in at a later date.

      • Im very annoyed. I watch more TV and movies than play games on my PS3s. Ridiculous.

      • I have to agree with DJ Judas here, my PS3 is my complete one-in-all media package in my living room which is hooked up to my sound bar. I love the fact that i can play a game for an hour and then decide that i want to chill out to some music, put on my favorite cd, or choose something from my mp3 collection on the hard drive, without having to switch to different devices.

        This might seem like a petty grievance to some people but this is huge to me and i’m completely gutted that the PS4 is a stripped down version of the PS3.

    • Am I right in thinking that DLNA requires certification and the PS4 hasn’t got it, it might still do do all or at least most of the things that DLNA entails, but can’t offficially say its DLNA certified. Obviously don’t go and buy a PS4 on my musings lol :O

  2. I like that you can change how the Share button behaves but i when i saw the bit about being able to turn off the OS background music, for a moment i thought there might be some horrible Gran Turismo menu-style muzak built-in. Ha ha – then i realised it probably means the Music Unlimited ‘feature’, which i most certainly will be switching off.

    • If it’s like the Vita, it probably does mean what you originally thought. Here’s a link to the Vita OS music that plays by default in the background (I used it for a bit, but it quickly got annoying and I turned it off):

      • Ah yes, i remember now – i turned that off so quickly i had forgotten all about it.

  3. The adjustment of the ‘safe zone (over- or under-scan) of the operating system display’ will set the screen size for everything, games apps etc. Unlike the PS3 where it’s done on a game by game setting.

  4. Now sort the bluetooth headsets situation out before release.

  5. Although I am massively looking forward to the release of the PS4 there is more and more coming to light that is not so good.

    I can’t stream video or Music to the device, I cannot play MP3’s on it, so if I want to stream I need to connect my PS3 and if I want to listen to music while I play I have to pay a subscription service. I know I can put music on other devices to listen to but I hoped that at least I could listen to it on the system to integrate to the game more, I want to listen to effects AND music not one or the other.

    Also it is mentioned that external drives are not supported, is this for game storage or on the whole? If it is on the whole this is a step back as I want to have music, videos and picture on a USB drive and play them.

    A bit annoying.

  6. more control is always handy.

    i’d really love a safe zone option for PS3 though.

    videos tend to spill over the edge, especially when i’m watching youtube.

  7. I heard that you can play your old ps3 games in to the ps4 if you get it. I read it from this link but ima not sure if I read it wrong.

  8. Whats the Safe zone?

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