TSAtv Newsdesk #20: PS4 FAQs, Jonathan Ross & Typing Of The Dead

If you’re thinking that the title suggests this week’s episode of Newsdesk is a little random, you are totally right. We’ve got all sorts on the show this time around, including talk about custom in-game music on PS4, potential Titanfall sequels on PlayStation, and even a news of a 3DS detective game starring Pikachu. Yup. All that plus the latest UK games chart, and details on Ubisoft’s plans to drop online passes immediately.


As ever, we hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to leave us feedback here in the comments, over on Twitter or Facebook.



  1. Excellent production yet again, well done!
    Nothing in there I didn’t already know as I check the site every day but nice to get a reminder on it all.

  2. still loving watching these on an otherwise boring sunday afternoon.


    i’m a little surprised the Aveline DLC will be exclusive permanently, especially after they announced the HD version of Liberation for the 360, and PS3.

    i’d really like to see some DLC for GTA that includes a new character, preferably a woman. ^_^

    and “a detective game featuring Pikachu”?

    there’s a phrase i never expected.

  3. Great video guys. Definitely brightens up a shitty Sunday.

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