TSAtv Newsdesk #21: Steam Machines, Ground Zeroes, & Next-Gen Nears

Sure, those lucky blighters in the States might be picking up their PS4s come Thursday night, but there’s only a week more to wait this side of the pond before the next generation kicks off. In the meantime, Newsdesk is here to help you brace yourself for impact.


This week’s show includes the latest on launch titles, software features, December’s digital delights, and even a couple of mentions of PlayStation Move controllers. Elsewhere, we’ve got details on Sony’s latest baseball game, Blizzard’s latest World of Warcraft expansion, and the Vita’s latest firmware update. Of course, we’ve also got the latest UK game charts, and much much more – honestly, it’s a big one this week, so grab a cuppa and take a little break.

As ever, we hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to leave us feedback here in the comments, over on Twitter or Facebook.



  1. Great show, again :)

  2. Whoah – there was far too much in there for me to take in in one viewing on a sunday – i’ll have to watch it again. :)
    Dammit, it’s going to be such a tease seeing US get their PS4s this week, and then having to wait a week after XB1 is launched here but i’ll be avidly following both console launches regardless.

  3. I don’t think that the new 2000 friend list thingy syncs properly with the website accounts which are still showing 100 as maximum yet my list has gone over the 100 now I think.
    Saying that though, they have been tinkering with the website, it now seems possible to login and update stuff without being signed out five times for each page update!

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