PlayStation Store Update: 11/12/13 – Doki-Doki, Tiny Brains And Terraria

With all of the major releases now out of the way, the weekly store updates have definitely slowed down a bit, though that doesn’t mean there is nothing to see. We still have some new releases to tempt you, in amidst the sales and giveaways.


Doki-Doki Universe sees you taking charge of a robot, as it follows Alien Jeff, meets characters and takes quizzes to prove its humanity and survive the scrapheap. This is a full Cross-Buy title for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, but there’s a standard version for £5.99 (Trial & Unlock on PS3) alongside a Limited Edition Bundle for £9.99. The Limited Edtition adds additional quiz packs, story packs and mail packs to the mix.

Tiny Brains is also out this week, bringing 1-4 player co-op action to the PS4, as you take control of four super-powered lab animals and try to escape a mad scientist’s experiments. It’s £16.99, but a PS+ discount brings this down to £13.59.

Also getting a PS+ discount is the release of Terraria for PS Vita, as it reaches the handheld this week. The regular price is £11.99, while PS+ users get it for £10.79. This sits alongside an Ultimate Runner Game Bundle, for PS3, PS Vita and PSP, which bundles up the two minis The Impossible Game and One Epic Game for £1.59.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 sees a £7.99 PS2 Classic release for PS3, as PlayStation Mobile sees a pair of releases, in the form of Quiet Christmas and Chromatic Aberration.

Finally, mixed in with the regular stream of DLC content, Saints Row IV’s How The Saints Save Christmas pack is released for £5.49 and is also part of the Season Pass, while a different selection of game DLC gets put into the add-ons sale.

Looks quite quiet, but is there anything taking your fancy?



  1. Nothing for me this week. Yes! Money saved.

  2. I’m quite tempted by Terraria for Vita but still a bit steep for me sadly. I think I’ll hold out to see if it comes to Plus at some point

    • I advise the trial version first mate – I played it on PS3 and thought a) it was boring as fuck and b) the tutorials were frustratingly vague.

      • Ah, ok mate cheers. I’ll try it out then

  3. OOF.
    Terraria’s £10.79, and i’ve got £10.60 in my PSN wallet.
    hopefully there’s a demo i can at least try, see how it plays on Vita.
    i’d want to try it out before i buy anyway.

    • I believe there is a demo, as it’s a trial & unlock ;)

  4. Not sure if I should confess or not, but I am going to try Doki-Doki tonight.

    • Might do the same mate, to be honest they had me at ‘you can fly through space on a poo’

      thats some serious wish fulfillment right there

  5. Very happy Terraria is on for Vita, shame about the price tag but it’s a great game so I think I’ll shell out on that one. Possibly Doki Doki too :-)

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