Defiance Gets New Arkbreaker DLC

When it released, Defiance was one of the most ambitious new ideas in gaming, trying to have a TV show and video game coexist within the same universe and running concurrently. It’s something we’ll see more and more often, with Microsoft making their own moves into this area, with both new and existing franchises.

For Defiance though, it planted itself in something of a sweet spot for this kind of cross-media experience, as an MMO open world shooter which easily allows the creators to have events and characters that cross the divide. While fans will have to wait until the middle of next year to get the next installment of the TV series, Trion are bringing new content to the game every few months, with the Arkbreaker the second DLC pack to be released.


The good news is that it’s already out on Xbox 360 and PC, while North America will be seeing it released on PS3 tomorrow for $9.99 and local equivalents. For European PS3 owners, the bad news is that they’re waiting on SCEE for confirmation which, at this point in December, makes it sound like it will slip into early 2014. We’ll let you know when we hear more about this.

UPDATE: We can now confirm that the Arkbreaker DLC is reaching EU PS3 owners this week, on the 18th December.

Regardless of the release date, Arkbreaker brings with it a new story about securing the new ability to summon arkfalls. This ability can bring ark modules crashing to ground so that you can battle your way inside and get a hold of some new weaponry and advanced technology, to which there have also been some new additions. The larger arkfalls bring with them the Volge Warmaster, who’s a bit much to handle on your own, and wants to be tackled as a group to earn some of the best loot in the game.

Beyond that, this release also marks some changes for players who don’t want to buy the DLC, opening up previously single-player content to co-op play, letting all players use Spikes and Stims, and streamlining the inventory and item management.

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  1. Picked the game up cheaply not long ago in whichever PSN sale it was. Enjoying it quite a bit.

    The 2nd DLC seems to all be there (updates being done in game, rather than through PSN), but you can’t buy it yet. But it sounds like it’s available if you buy the season pass.

    And they’ve screwed up grenades, for some unknown reason. The Spikes seem reasonably useful though. Well, the ammo spike anyway.

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